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IMG_18894:09 AM – Woke up in the night for natures call and looked at the clock. It was 4:09. Groggy as I was, my head started singing: “Giddy-up Giddy-up 4:09 my 4 oh 9.”

That’s when I thought to myself, “Hmm, a lot of everyday occurrences invoke a song in my head. Let’s see just how many happen in the course of a day.”

It doesn’t take much really, a phrase someone says, a name, an event and then somewhere, from some place, a song starts singing in my head. But, I’m sure that happens to you. Really, tell me it does. Tell me I’m not the only one with a head full of songs waiting to be plucked at the most minute suggestion of a song possibility.

8:15 AM – As I approach my exit off the highway, I notice something different. A half a bridge is there now that wasn’t there before the weekend. Not a whole bridge, just half a bridge. (See cover photo.) I instantly started singing, “We’re On a Road To Nowhere …come on inside. Taking that road to nowhere, we’ll take that ride.”

10:00 AM – Incoming phone call.
“Hello, this is Delilah from General Hospital.“
I can’t resist, I reply, “Hey there Delilah.” I leave out the part about “What’s it like in New York City, Oh oh oh it’s what you do to me.”
She doesn’t get it. It’s just as well.
Maybe I should have Tom Jones’d her instead and answered “Why why why, Delilah?”

1:35 – Get a new case. The party’s last name is Peoples. “Listen Peoples to what I say. I say every body’s got to have their day and don’t you know that everybody’s got to love somebody sometime …” The slow guitar riff and 60’s British beat hang in my head for the next half hour.

5:00 – Often times, there is no song that pops in my head at 5 o’clock, just a mental picture of someone pulling the tail of a prehistoric bird down at the Bedrock Quarry and Fred Flintstone yelling, “Yubba dubba do.” Because songs are on my mind today, I sing a chorus of “When I’m Out In The Street, uh o oh oh oh” just for good measure as I walk the way I want to walk out that revolving door at the end of the work day.

OK, so you may have noticed, the artists for the songs were not listed. That must mean, it’s pop quiz time at Wedwand.

The times of the songs are: 4:09. 8:15. 10:00. 1:35 & 5:00. You’re job, guess the artists in the order in which they appear.