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GE DIGITAL CAMERAComes that time of year when you realize it’s starting to get dark now before 8PM. Back to school savings are all over the place and many kids are already back in school. A smattering of leaves have begun to change colors.

The fleeting fun of summer fast fades away.

So as August moves forward, I decided to get some sun on the beach last weekend. (You have to be very careful with this term and not say it too fast lest it sound like something else. Go ahead, say it fast and you’ll know of the Wedwand precaution there.)

Every time I am at the beach, a few lyrics from The Who’s rock opera, Quadrophenia immediately run through my head. The most noteworthy is, ” The beach is a place where a man can feel he’s the only soul in the world that’s real.”

Anyhow, novels have been written about the beach experience. I will share two thoughts which may be unique that I learned over the weekend.

1) If you bring snacks for the beach and you decide on cheese and crackers, Wedwand highly recommends you do not choose those pseudo healthy multigrain crackers.

Why? Because it is hard to tell whether that extra cracker crunch is tiny bits of whole grain goodness or the granular grains of fossilized shells and rocks otherwise know as sand.

2) I am from Chicago and have frolicked on the beaches there for years. (Snicker if you must over the word “frolic”.) This particular trip was on the namesake side of the lake. It’s a little different dynamic, but it’s still Lake Michigan after the coldest winter in almost 14 years.

Now most of the icebergs have vanished, but the entry into the lake is a 3 step process, much of with involves dealing with cold water.

Step One: Ankle Deep. You tip your toes into the water and say, “Damn, it’s cold”. But boldly you venture forward. After all, it’s your day at the beach.

Step Two. Knee Deep. You sort of slither in the sand a few feet farther and you’re in to your knees. Yeah, it’s a little cold still but your feet are now somewhat accustomed to the temperature. And you say, “It’s not that bad.”

Step Three: Jersey Boy Deep. This one’s for the guys. As you wade forward and take that next step downwards and that first wave laps up above your thighs, you suddenly realize how Frankie Valli hit that note. “Sher er err err err err erre eee Ba ay bee ….” Sing it boys, “Sherry Baby.”

Oh yeah, you must now take the plunge and go full face forward and dive into the water.

Oddly, once you do that, the water’s not so bad.

And any day at the beach is a great day.

FOOTNOTE: Still looking for that August song. See Wedwand post from last year: