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The rising September sun brutally beamed in my eyes on my eastbound drive this morning. But, the good news was … the sun was out. Yessirree Bob, it’s mid September. I don’t know who Bob is and I don’t know where that saying came from. It just magically sprang from my fingers as I typed.

The sun was in my eyes but the sun was shining. It was a good day.

One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.
That’s why there’s chocolate and that’s why there’s vanilla.
And for every coin toss, there’s a heads and there’s a tails.

Unless your flipping nickels, then there’s Thomas Jefferson and the Monticello.
At least after 1938, there was TJ and Monty.

I’m not sure whey they call the other side of the coin “tails”. The heads part is easy, but the only coin that I know of that has a tail, is the US nickel minted from 1913 until 1938. This coin features an Indian head on one side and buffalo (with a tail) on the other side.


The Indian head on the nickel looks strikingly like the Washington Redskins logo, but that was not the reason why TJ supplanted the Indian Head in 1938. Nobody was offended by the nickel in 1938 when the Indian and the Buffalo went to that nickel heaven in the sky. It was just time for a change after 25 years.

So where was I? Sun in my eyes, but the sun is still shining.
Nobody was offended by the Indian Head nickel.
Bob. Who’s Bob?

A pastor at my church had a recurring theme in sermons. His name was Paul, not Bob. The question posed was this. “Who’s day went according to plan?”

Wedwand is waiting for “yes” answer.

Not too many hands went up there.

Expect the unexpected.

For every ceiling there’s a floor.
For every flavor of ice cream, there’s another.
For every heads, there’s a tails.

Whatever we face in life, we all have the choice on how to handle it.

Time for the coin toss. Call it in the air.