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Cometh that time of year when we wonder, Summer oh Summer, where hast thou gone. A dozen days post the memorable Epocha of Pomp and Parade have past. Oh fireworks, where 4th art thou?

“The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.”

But, All I Have To Do is Dream Dream Dream. Be it California Dreaming or a Daydream Believer, I don’t need a Dream Weaver to tell me I Can Dream About You if You Dream A Little Dream of Me. Now you may say, Dream On, I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night), but here we go again, These Dreams.

So, I know what you’re thinking. Hey Wedwand, have you been hitting the hump again?

Actually, I realized it was the double hump today, or the Bactrian Camel hump if you prefer.

Still wondering what these weird words mean?

Well, we will make a short story long in case you haven’t figured it out already.

This week’s post is on July 16, 2014. Weatherman say “meteorological summer” runs from June 1 until August 31 in the calendar year. This is a 92 day run that the Hot Fun in the Summertime has according to meteorologists.

Half of 92 is 46. July 16 is 46 days out from June 1. Are you following me so far?

Therefore, we are at Mid Summer. It is a time that inspired Billy Shakespeare to write a Comedy called, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I saw the theatrical presentation of MSD once, and while I don’t entirely recall all of it, I am pretty sure it involves hockey, since one of the main characters goes by the name of Puck. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is called a Comedy.

This differs from a Shakespearian Tragedy. One of the most famous tragedies is of a Scottish soccer goalie, Macbeth who missed a key save for the Scottish team.

Apparently, “Out, Damn’d spot” does not stop the winning goal from going into the net. Goooooaaaaaaaaalllll, Macduff. And the Scots are eliminated from World Cup competition again.

So on this day, Wednesday, July 16, we are at the perfect meteorological hump. (No matter how many times I type it, I still need spel chek for meterologdicalist).

Half way to the weekend. Half way through summer.

“Have you any Dreams you’d like to sell. Like the loneliness of a heartbeat drives you mad in the stillness of remembering…”

So, if you have a dream tonight, it will truly be a Midsummer Night’s dream.

“Lord, what fools these mortals be.”