The goal is to bring a smile to your face, to make you laugh, to sometimes make you think about things, and most of all, to provide you a tad of entertainment to help you escape the every day doldrums of life, if even just for a few moments. If you like what you read, I invite you to share Wedwand with your friends.

Original Mission Statement (April 2013) : Well, you made it this far. Wednesday, hump day, the weekend is ever closer. The mission of this site it to give that little boost to push you over the hump and on you way towards the weekend. Wednesday Wanderings (AKA Wedwand) hopes to accomplish this with light-hearted fare sprinkled with insightful observations and on most occasions, a dose of humor. The goal is to have a post each Wednesday, but be watchful for the Instant Hump Alert. (That means it’s not Wednesday but I got a notion that can’t wait.)

Reason: Sometimes in life you harbor dreams. But if you have a nice boat and just leave in harbor, how do you know if she can sail? Sometimes you just have to cut the anchor, set her free and hope she doesn’t sink.

I’m really not a nautical person (in fact, I once hurled off a sailboat on Lake Michigan) but the analogy applies to me. After years of jotting down notes, typing journal entries and being dubbed the “word man” by some close friends, it’s time to see if the J-ship Camel is seaworthy.

So, I welcome you to come along for the ride. We’ll see if this thing floats.