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Sometimes you want it to fly.  Other times, you want it to stand still.

Sometimes it goes by in the blink of an eye.  Other times, it drags, like hauling a load up a hill.

Yet, it never changes. It is a constant. And at the end, you always want it.

It is always there, ever moving, ever moving.

If you haven’t figured by now, I am referring to time.

We “sprung forward” here last night setting our clocks ahead ONE hour for something called Daylight Savings Time. When you get right down to it, there is no actual “daylight savings.”  The sun just rises later, then likewise sets later, so in reality, we are not actually “saving” any daylight, just displacing the time when the sun sets.

The concept of time has mystified the masses and inspired much music.   Many songs have been written about time.  Here’s some of my favorites:

Time after time.  (If you fall I will catch you … I will be waiting.)

Time in a bottle.  (But there never seems to be enough time …)

Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into the future.  (Fly like an eagle to the sea.)

Does anybody really know what time it is?  (Does anybody really care?)

Time waits for no one and he won’t wait for me.  (No favors has he.)

Time has come today.  (Which has a rock and roll classic “yeeeeah” at the end.)

Time is on my side. (Yes it is.)

It’s the time of the season for loving.  (Who’s your daddy?)

I hope you had the time of your life (Which is a parenthetical title for Good Riddance.)

TiK ToK (On the clock but the party don’t stop, no. Oh whoa whoa Oh.)

Anything by Morris Day and the Time should count too. O E O E O.

Time is money.  I looked it up and was not totally unsurprised it is a quote from Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One.

There’s a whole news magazine called simply, TIME.

Heck, my font for the draft is Times New Roman.

There is a character named Father Time with a grey beard carrying an hour glass we see from time to time around New Years Eve.  Not sure who Mother Time is but sometimes time CAN be a mother.

I am punctionally challenged and that all goes back to time.  If there was no time I would never be late.

Down time. Up time. Every time. All the time.

There’s more I could say, but I’m running out of time.  But I leave you with one thought, never wish away time in your life, because time is too short.


img_3027Wedwand comes alive again tonight.

OK I’m totally freaked at four things.

ONE: It’s 2017. I have things in my refrigerator with an expiration date marked “0417Beelzebubgobad” and I’m thinking “well that mustard is good for a few more years” when BANG it hits me. It IS 2017! I gotta be eating more hot dogs and brats cause damn, its 2017! That mustard’s going bad.

TWO: Groundhog Day is this week. Thursday as a matter of fact. I haven’t done ANY shopping at all yet.

THREE: Going into this year’s baseball season, the Chicago Cubs are the defending World Champions! Hell yeah they are. Never gets old.

FOUR: The President of America is a former Game Show host. Now I don’t exactly recollect how Alex Trebek got to this office, but it’s a fair assumption that the electorate prefers responses in the form of a question than actual answers.

That said. There’s required homework to continue further. Back to a simpler time. 1968.

You must watch this video. Tommy Boyce. Bobby Hart. “I wonder what she’s doing tonight.”

Great song, obvious lip synch. Odd ruffled sleeves. Orange and Green velvet suits. The tambourine gets dropped unceremoniously at 20 seconds. Not a trumpet to be seen in the brass interlude.

Simpler times. Yet struggles existed. Maybe they weren’t so simple. 1968 was a rough year. Maybe ruffled sleeves weren’t the answer.

The past seems simpler since we lived through it and survived. But it wasn’t all that simple when it was “going down”. Stop children what’s that sound.

These days we perceive as harder times, yet struggles still exist, not unlike struggles survived in the past. I wonder what we’re doing tonight. Whatever it is …

We will survive.


Hey Joe Hey Jude
Hay Ya
Hey You Get off of my cloud.

Hey Yeah! Hey Hey Hey that’s what I say.
Hey hey hey, what you say, Sherry Darlin’

Ain’t talkin bout love, hey hey hey hey,
so now we got Bad Blood, Hey.
Hey 19, Hey Good Lookin’, Hey There Delilah, Hey Baby will you be my girl?

Hey Tonight Hey Bartender So hey, I’m getting drunk on a plane.
Hey Little Cobra, Hey Bulldog, Hey Hey We’re the Monkees
Hey Ho, but not you Heigh-ho, so off to work you go.

Hey Soul Sister Hey Big Brother Hey Mickey, you’re so fine,
My My Hey Hey, Rock and Roll is here to stay but for now,
Nana Na Na Hey Hey Hey, Good bye.

So the music world loves the word “hey“ as exemplified in the 26 or so songs referenced in the above verse authored by the Bard of Wedwand.

“Hey” is the exclamation point on a song. It doesn’t matter if “hey” starts the song or if it is strategically interjected. “Hey” is the one word we know when we know no others in a sing-along.

In fact, Rock and Roll Part 2, a 1972 song by Gary Glitter, contains only one word in its three minutes and two seconds of guitar and drum mania. Yet, it’s a favorite in the stadium crowds. Why? Cause everyone knows the word and when it comes, they can sing along.

If you want to play a fun game on your drive home from work, click the station buttons and see how many songs have the word “hey” in them. In my half hour commute tonight, I found four. One every 7.5 minutes. It helps relieve the boredom, and hey, it might make a heavy traffic day a little less frustrating.

I continued the ”Hey” song quest when I heard a TV car commercial from Jeep with a background song, “Hey Hey Hey. Hey Hey Hey. Livin life like we’re Renegades”.

Then as I rode down the road on the way to work there were more that I forgot.

Oddly enough, I forgot to mention, Don’t You Forget About Me, hey hey hey hey from the movie The Breakfast Club. Did they mean to use four heys or did they stutter?

So here’s to you Mrs. Robinson, heaven holds a place for those who pray. Hey hey hey.

Hey, don’t listen to a word I say, Hey! The screams all sound the same, Hey! This band is from Iceland so apparently “hey” has an international appeal.

Then there’s the Fab Four classic, Hey, you got to hide your love away.

They’re all over out there in song world and on the radio waves.

Interesting observation about the hey thing. Sometimes, it’s just hey. Sometimes, it’s hey hey, but it very often comes in triplicates, most effectively delivered as a hey hey hey.

Although Simple Minds and Van Halen also utilized the quadruple hey hey hey hey. A random isolated hey is cool too. But that must be shouted for effect.

Shock the monkey, HEY!

One final song. It’s been around since 1969. Maybe this year the lyrics of the song will finally come true.

Hey Hey Holy Mackerel, the Cubs are on their way. It was the 1969 Chicago Cubs fight song performed by Johnny Frigo. Really, it was.

Hey, hey, holy mackerel, no doubt about it,
the Cubs are on their way!
The Cubs are gonna hit today
they’re gonna pitch today
they’re gonna field today
come what may, the Cubs are gonna win today!
Hey, hey holy mackerel, no doubt about it
The Cubs are on their way
They’ve got the hustle they’ve got the muscle
the Chicago Cubs are on their way!!!

But hey, you take care out there.

FOOTNOTE: This week’s entry is a consolidation of two Wedwand posts from July, 2015.

In case you didn’t catch or know ALL the Hey Songs, here they are:

Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix — 1966
Hey Jude – The Beatles — 1968
Hey Ya – Outkast — 2003
Hey You – Pink Floyd– 1979
Hey You (Get off My Cloud) – Rolling Stones – 1965
Hey Hey Hey (Satisfaction) – Rolling Stones – 1965
Hey Hey Hey (Sherry Darling) – Bruce Springsteen –1978
Ain’t talkin bout Love (Hey Hey Hey Hey) – Van Halen — 1978
Bad Blood (Hey) –Taylor Swift — 2015
Hey 19 – Steely Dan – 1980
Hey Good Lookin – Hank Williams — 1951
Hey There Delilah – Plain White Tees — 2007
Hey Baby (Will you be my girl) – Bruce Channel — 1961
Hey Tonight – Creedence Clearwater Revival–1971
Hey Bartender – Blues Brothers — 1978
Hey I’m Getting Drunk on a Plane – Dierks Bentley — 2014
Hey Little Cobra –The Rip Chords — 1963
Hey Bulldog – The Beatles — 1969
Hey Hey We’re the Monkees – The Monkees — 1966
Hey Ho – The Lumineers — 2011
Heigh Ho – The Seven Dwarfs — 1937
Hey Soul Sister –Train — 2010
Hey Big Brother – Rare Earth — 1971
Hey Mickey – Toni Basil — 1981
Hey Hey My My – Neil Young — 1979
Nananana Hey Hey Goodbye—Steam — 1968
Renegades – Ambassador X — 2015
Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds — 1985
Mrs. Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel — 1968
Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men (from Iceland) – 2011
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away – The Beatles — 1965
Shock The Monkey – Peter Gabriel – 1982
Hey Hey Holy Mackerel – Johnny Frigo — 1969

Do I need to explain the cover photo to you? Nah Nah, Hay Hay, you get it!


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