The 2016 version of the Chicago Cubs set a new record for home wins at Wrigley Field. The 57 wins were the most ever in their 101 seasons at the venerable old ball yard.

This feat earned them home field advantage throughout the National League Playoffs.

I know what you’re thinking. How have the Cubs fared at the Friendly Confines in Post-Season play over the years?

Not so good. But, sadly the sample size in not that large. The Cubs have had exactly 13 seasons with a post season game at Clark and Addison with the following results:

1929 0 wins 2 losses (Philadelphia Athletics)
1932 0 wins 2 losses (New York Yankees)
1935 1 win 2 losses (Detroit Tigers)
1938 0 wins 2 losses (New York Yankees)
1945 1 win 3 losses (Detroit Tigers)
1984 2 wins 0 losses (San Diego Padres)
1989 1 win 1 loss (San Francisco Giants)
1999 0 wins 1 loss (Atlanta Braves)
2003 1 win 1 loss (Atlanta Braves)
2003 1 win 3 losses (Florid Marlins)
2007 0 wins 1 loss (Arizona Diamondbacks)
2008 0 wins 1 loss (Los Angeles Dodgers)
2015 2 wins 0 losses (St. Louis Cardinals)
2015 0 wins 2 losses (New York Mets)

TOTAL 9 wins 21 losses

Shudder. What does this mean for our hometown heroes for the 2016 MLB Playoffs?

NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. Babe Ruth isn’t coming to town. Neither is Joe DiMaggio. Not even Will Clark or Steve Garvey or even that Murphy guy. (Sidebar: Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?)

This is a new team, setting new records, reaching to set new standards. Indeed, the first two games of the NLDS are in the books. Two wins. No losses. No further questions.

As the Rolling Stones sang in 1967, “Yesterday don’t matter, if it’s gone.”

FOOTNOTE: I know you baseball historians are thinking. The Cubs were in the World Series in 1918. Wrigley Field was the home of the Cubs that year. Why aren’t those games included?

Because, the 1918 World Series games in Chicago were played at Comiskey Park since the south side park held more fans. Imagine that in these days. The Cubs won one game there and lost two against the Boston Red Sox.