There is an English fairy tale called Jack and the Beanstalk.

This one is akin to a recent Chicago fairy tale of a similar nature. You may call it Jake and the Beanstalk.

After climbing the magic beanstalk of baseball to the pinnacle of success this season, young Jake attempts to steal the Golden Key to even-numbered-year baseball dominance. Discovered trying to pilfer the golden key, Jake scrambles to get away, chased valiantly by the Giant of the Golden Gate.

It looks like the Giant is almost catching up with Jake and is darn near Beli-even, just one inning away as a matter of fact, as Jake scurries down the Beanstalk to secure the heist.

Then, Kris swings away at the stalk. Anthony walks over for a chance too. Ben doubles the effort and Wilson adds a single swing right in the middle of the beanstalk. Jason takes a tap as well and ends up with a chance to score. Thenceforth, Javy takes one last mighty swing. The beanstalk falls. It has been vanquished. It collapses and falls to the ground. Jason scores what proves to be the winning run.

Aroldis finishes the deed with three strikes to the heart of the Giant three times.

Jake lands safely with the Golden Key, but the Giant sadly tumbles to his demise as the Golden Gate opens to the next round where new adventures await our heroes.

Yes, the Addison Street Miracle waged a thrilling come from behind victory in fairy tale fashion on Tuesday evening. They didn’t leave their heart in San Francisco. No, this team has far too much heart to leave in any one place. But, they broke the hearts of those in that City by the Bay, left them high (and dry) on that hill.

After garnering only two runs on two hits through eight innings, the Cubs exploded and doubled both those numbers with a four run four hit ninth inning to steal the game and the MLDS from the Giants.

The Cubs now go on to the National League Championship Series. They await their alien opponent. Either the LaLa Land Dodgers, who defected from Brooklyn in 1957 or the Nationals of Washington DC who said goodbye to Montreal and the Expo moniker in 2004.

The Cubs will be there. That we know. Bring it!