In a magical brilliant run the Chicago Cubs have achieved most if not all of their preseason goals for the 2016 regular season. Best record in the National League is the cherry on top of the NL Central Division Championship sundae. A 103 win season, best team record since 1910 is the extra scoop of ice cream.

The playoffs are imminent. I’m still looking for the whipped cream, nuts and sprinkles. Of course, the cherry on top is the fulfillment of the elusive 108 year quest for an MLB Championship.

I don’t believe in curses. I don’t believe a goat or black cats or a poor sap with headphones are the reason an MLB title or even an appearance in the World Series have eluded the Addison Street Miracle all these years.

There is something odd though, how the ultimate title has never seen the north side of Chicago.

But the path is open now.

I’ll be along for the ride. I’ve been on this train all my life but never reached the station.

If the train arrives, I’m not gonna say “we” won. From the periphery of fandom, I have nothing to do with the result just like the goat has nothing to do with perpetual futility since 1945.

I will however relish the accomplishment if indeed it happens. I’ll give my dad’s ashes a little extra shake and thank my mom again for bringing me to those Ladies Day games just because she knew I loved seeing a baseball game at Wrigley. I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably shed a tear or three.

For the time being, I remain cautiously optimistic as I have all season.

The playoffs are still a couple days away. So we wait.