I opened the spice cabinet above the stove with a stew brewing underneath. An easy task. Degree of difficulty, normally 1.5.

Suddenly 5 jars of spices toppled out unexpectedly. I juggled a couple, but ultimately caught them all. Really, I did. Saved the stew. Won the event. Won the Gold.

I looked for the cheers from the crowd and felt like spiking the paprika and doing a victory dance. Alas, I was alone. (So often, great moments happen when nobody is watching.) So, I applauded myself on my cat-like reflexes that still remained for that golden moment in time.

I found the step stool in the corner of the kitchen, proudly moved up to the top of it and sang the National Anthem. OK, I found a vintage Vanilla Ice CD and sang a different anthem, “Spice spice baby…”

That’s a paraphrase from a 2013 post on a real event in my kitchen. (1)

Last Sunday, it was a fall from grace. An OH NO moment as a once stellar participant shows how father time just may have caught up with the reflexes. The agony of defeat if you will.

This time, I opened the spice cabinet looking for a garlic clove. I found it, BUT when I grabbed for the bag, a random sifter plummeted. I caught the sifter, but as I did, it hit a box of 75 count flat wooden toothpicks.

I had no chance. I tapped it briefly but didn’t get a clean grab, causing some to land on the burners and some to hit the countertop, but the box fell to the floor and a whole lot of toothpicks scattered all about the tiles.

There was no glorious stand on the podium this time, no celebratory music, but a humbling drop to my knees to play pick-up sticks, little teeny sticks.

Speaking of Olympic Gold, there have been several golden moments in broadcasting from the Rio game that I have heard. Here are three:

A) It’s so hot, it’s powdered doughnut night on the Copacabana Beach Volleyball court.

B) He Zi couldn’t make that dive again for all the tea in China.

C) After a brief RAIN delay, Renaud Lavillenie, the REIGNING champion is next up in the pole vault.

OK. Only two if those really were quotes. Which one is a fabrication? Answer in footnotes (2). No peeking.

This week’s Wedwand was originally written on Wednesday, but in the true spirit of the network’s Olympic broadcasts, I are sharing the typed delay publication on Thursday.

(1) The above edited excerpt was from an original post on August 28, 2013. Here is the post in its entirety:

(2) The correct answer for the incorrect quote is B. He Zi is indeed a diver from China, but no reference was ever made to He Zi’s China tea.

Quote A was from the Beach Volleyball bronze medal match where the contestants were coated with sand from diving after volleyballs.

Quote C was in the men’s pole vault final and whether by intent or happenstance, the announcers several times referred to the raining champion after a reign delay.