In the classic movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Sundance is having a shooting try out to be a security guard in Bolivia as the celebrated outlaws try to go straight.

Percy Garris, the payroll supervisor for the Bolivian miners folds a matchbook and throws it out as a target for Sundance to hit. He misses by a foot or so as he’s forced to stand still as he shoots.

Percy is not impressed.

Then Sundance asks, “Can I move?”

“What the hell you mean move?” says Percy.

Sundance moves and obliterates the target. “I’m better when I move.”
“Bingo.” Here’s the scene in case you forgot it or never saw it:

From what I’ve seen lately, apparently many cell phone users consider themselves to be the Sundance Kid since so many of them seem to think they’re better when they are moving about on the phone.

You see them every day.

Some ambling aimlessly unmindful of their surroundings, head down rapt to image on the cell phone screen in the palm of their hand. They wander without regard to any of their fellow mankind in the immediate area. You see them doing this:

Texting in the cross walk without looking for oncoming traffic.
Wandering around in the office lobbies stepping in people’s paths.
In the checkout line at your local store, slowing down the process and boisterously bellowing blabber into their phone that nobody wants to hear.
Even going in and out of elevators in buildings.
And sadly still, while driving. Please stop.

Heads down, oblivious to anybody around them seeking only the instant satisfaction of the text. Sure they could find a place to sit still and not be anybody’s way, but like the Sundance Kid, they MUST think they’re better when they move.

Folks, you’re not better moving around on your cell phone. You’re an annoyance and endangering your own existence and those around you. Please stop.

People have taken this attitude that things just can’t wait anymore.

A couple weeks ago, I even heard a guy take a phone call in the restroom stall while dropping the kids off at the pool. For real. Let me repeat that IN THE STALL he takes a call.

Then, he’s just sitting there in the stall chatting away about something that seemed to have no significance whatsoever.

I was only there to wash my hands, but I did make a special trip to the adjacent stall just to flush the toilet a couple of times. I wanted the person on the other end of the line to capture the full ambiance of the moment and just how special his call must have been.

It’s a safety issue and Wedwand pauses before pontificating but … people please stop.

Put down the phone when you’re in motion. Even the Sundance Kid would implore you to do that.