The summer solstice is on us once again signaling summer’s start. It happened this Monday passed at 6:34 PM. Some call it the longest day of the year. I contend all the days are 24 hours. But, in terms of sunlight there’s more of it on the solstice than any other day of the year.

This particular summer solstice was a rare one since the full moon accompanied the sun reaching its highest apex in the Northern Hemisphere on the very same day. Some media outlets claimed this particular event was referred to by Algonquin tribes as the Strawberry Moon, an event that last occurred in 1967 and will not happen again until 2062.

Actually, the Algonquians and most indigenous tribes referred to EVERY full moon around this time of year as the Strawberry Moon since none of them marked time by the Julian Calendar having not yet had the misfortune of meeting any Romans, let alone Julius Caesar.

Time was measured by the phases of the moon. The moon in June often signaled the beginning of ripening of the strawberry and a time to gather its fruit, ergo the namesake of that moon.

Inquisitively I thought perhaps the event would render the moon to be a weird red strawberry hue, but no. Just like the Blue Moon is not blue, simply a term for two full moons in the same month, the Strawberry Moon is not red, simply a term coined by the Algonquians for the full moon in June.

Every June has its Strawberry Moon. Just like every rose has its thorn, just like every cowboy sings his same sad song.

Speaking of songs, there is no Dark Side of the Moon. Despite whatever Pink Floyd was smoking, the moon is roundish, it has no sides.

Just like a basketball is round, it too has no sides. Although, if there is a dark side of a basketball it measures 73-9 in circumference, but unlike Saturn, the Golden State moon has no rings this year. A fickle celestial body is this moon.

All sorts of special moons pop up every year it seems. In a previous Wedwand post from 2013, it was observed that:

The “Super Moon” happened this past weekend. Some reports called it the largest moon of 2013. Wedwand refuses to comment on the specifics of the largest moon seen in 2013, but rumor has it, a Walmart near a Flippin Arkansas also had a sighting.

Many myths about the moon have been perpetrated. However, today we have learned that:

The Blue Moon isn’t blue, the strawberry moon is not red, or even sweet and juicy, Sadly. I must add to the misinformation of myths that the man in the moon isn’t real. A shocking revelation, I know.

I leave you with perhaps the most inane song about the moon ever written containing the classic lyric, “Mr. Moon come on through. When Mr. Sun goes we’ll be counting on you.” To perpetuate the earworm, here’s the song as performed by Paul Revere and the Raiders in 1969:

Me, I’ve got an incredible craving for green cheese and moon pies.

Footnote: In case you missed it, here’s the full Wedwand post referenced above: