IMG_0857I struggle to articulate something relevant to say in light of the events of this past week.

Once again another violent tragedy has happened resulting in the loss of innocent lives. Our collective hearts break for the victims of such a senseless act.

What is most upsetting is that instead of sympathy and empathy for victims of tragedy, many want to find blame. The right blames the left. The left blames the right. Mystified, the middle sits silently and nods. And in the process of this blame game, few reach out to help.

Talk show spin doctors spout bigoted misconceptions as truth. News stations slant the story to fit their agenda. Sadly, many people then echo what the media pundits preach as truth.

Nobody seems to seek unity in these United States we call America. Everybody just wants to win, wants to say I told you so, wants to say I’m right. You’re wrong.

What’s wrong is very few of our so called leaders seeks a path to harmony and accord. Some of the quotes I’ve heard in the wake of this most recent tragedy do nothing to promote peace. Many of our leaders don’t lead and are the root cause of this divisiveness.

It begins with the election process. A proliferation of negative ads flood the airwaves every year at election time. The goal is to get the candidate elected whatever the cost. With very few exceptions, the mission of the candidate seems to be to slam the opponent, not focus on the facts.

This negativity perpetuates itself after the elections. Apparently our politicians think negativity got them elected, so why not keep it going.

What nobody seems to want to notice is that once the candidate is in office all promises are off the board. Public servants? Scoff, please at that misnomer. Most politicians serve only themselves and their special interest contributors, not the public.

The upcoming elections will talk about red states and blue states, but little will be said about united states. Little will be said about a collective harmony in our nation, acknowledging that we are all different yet need to embrace that difference to live in peaceful co-existence. That truth should be self-evident.

Is there hope? Only if we break down the walls of intolerance and learn to accept people for who they are. To not try and impose our will on others. To acknowledge our differences, yet celebrate our sameness. To not rely on the rhetoric of the spin doctors but make our own informed decision. To reach out and help someone in need.

Maybe something like a mutual pledge to each other of our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.