The parking lot at my place of employment has a security gate that permits access when you slide the magic pass across the magic card reader. (Being one of rather simple technological understanding, it sort of scares me how this thing works. But that’s not the topic today.)

Every morning, usually somewhat groggy, I pull up to the magic reader, slide my card and gain access to the garage. It’s a daily routine. I have my card right there next to me on the seat of the car and I have it ready in my hand when I approach the gate. It seems the only logical thing to do. My window is already down. I simply reach out, swipe the card and up goes the gate.

After several years, I have found this task to be relatively simple. In fact, on the simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the easiest, it ranks a 27. It can even be accomplished before the first cup of coffee actually kicks in.

However, at least once a week, I am waiting in line behind a car who’s driver seems to think it’s a mystery why they would have to wave their card in front of the magic gate opener today. Perhaps they think it’s a “No Security Tuesday?”

This car pulls to the gate, then sits there for a solid ten to fifteen seconds. (This may not sound like much, but take a moment to count to ten, fifteen if you dare. Took a while didn’t it?)

Then and only then does the driver turn to the right, look down, pause another five seconds and start to roll down the window, waving the card nowhere in the vicinity of the magic card reader.

Ultimately, the gate goes UP …. And it stays there … (Sorry, I got spontaneously funk-ified there, cause I needed to feel happy, since just the very thought of the simplicity of this task makes me cringe when it is not executed properly.)

I am absolutely relishing following this car up five floors to where quite possibly available parking exists.

Now, I realized I may have brought this sort of pet peeve up before and it turns out I did. Have a read at the Wedwand post from August 13, 2014 if you want more rants on the general topic:

I know we can’t all be Boy Scouts, but I share the motto with you. Be prepared … Please.