Note: There appears to be a glitch in the blog platform that prohibits me from getting pictures to post. Coincidentally, the theme of this week’s post involves the captioning of said pictures. Therefore, let me parenthetically describe the photos you would have seen and continue on with this week’s post, albeit a day late.

(Photo of a calendar opened to May 4, 2016)

So today is May 4th, 2016. I know, I know, “May the Fourth Be With You.” Some call it Star Wars Day. Surprisingly Hallmark has not yet hopped on that bandwagon.

It was clever, witty and kind of funny … for the first 24 years or so I heard it. It’s time has passed. Wondering if I was the only one who felt that way, I went deep into the swampy forest of Dagobah and invoked upon Yoda’s hologram for advice this one.

Here’s what the mysterious Jedi Master told me, “Too many times have we gone to the well with that one. With a lisp it makes you sound. Another day you should choose. Then and only then, a Jedi fan will you be.”

The he turned and added with a wink as he waved his lightsaber, “Cut it out.”

(Photo of a yard, filled with dandelions)

As you can see from this photo, my wildflower garden is again in full bloom this May. These bright yellow perennial beauties pop up every year on my lawn. Some call them weeds. Others refer to them as dandelions. I prefer “wildflowers.” It sounds so much better.

The legendary Rolling Stones even wrote a song in tribute to the dandelion:

Dandelion don’t tell no lies
Dandelion will make you wise
Tell me if she laughs or cries
Blow away dandelion

Yet sadly, most people shower them with lethal pesticides hoping to bring them to their ultimate demise. If you are one who does not appreciate the natural beauty I would suggest you try a natural method and see if it works, instead of poisoning the earth.

I have one word for you. Vinegar.

A combination of vinegar, dish soap and water seems to do the trick. Here’s one of many links that speaks to the subject if you want to give it a try:

A thought to ponder. Dandelions are weeds unless you’re a child. (1)

(Photo of two vacant store fronts standing side by side. To the left, COMING SOON DOMINO’S. To the right, ANYTIME FITNESS COMING SOON)

Finally the local strip mall appears to have recently filled some vacant storefronts. This one caught my eye.

I relish driving by when they finally open just to watch the human struggle of mankind outside the doors.

Workout versus Wings
Pepperoni or push-ups.
Double cheese or chin-ups
Calories versus cardio
Aerobics or Alfredo

I almost relish watching the conflicted faces of the people as they approach the doors. Only they can decide which path to take. Door number one, a plethora of pizza or door number two, physical fitness.

What will it be?


(1) I can’t take credit for that quote. But, many times I picked a bouquet of dandelions for my mom and she dutifully put them in a vase and thanked me profusely for my efforts. With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s one of many fond memories I have of my mom. Here’s the link to the source:

I leave you with a song from the Flower Power age from Mick and the Boys. It’s called simply, “Dandelion”:

PS:  PS: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, they were on sale, 39 words for 3 pictures that didn’t download.