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Having hit a writer’s block, I opted to take a trip to the local grocery store to find inspiration.

Now they have recently remodeled the aisles. In a stroke of corporate genius, this grocery store decided to switch all their products around.

For example, they put the soup where the soap used to be. Then they took the crackers and put them where the paper towels once were. This led to me once nearly heating up a bowl of dish soap while cleaning my dishes with some minestrone on a paper towel.

It’s confusing out there folks.

Actually, I was looking for a snack to inspire me with this week’s post. I was hoping to find something reasonably healthy as I’ve been trying to watch my waistline lately. (Unfortunately, simply “watching” your waistline does not stop it from growing.)

At this time of year, I knew it was going to be a challenge to find a treat that wouldn’t make the waistline grow. After all, it’s the season when sweets proliferate the grocery store shelves ranging from chocolate bunnies to marshmallow chickens.

Nothing was where it used to be in the store, so I found myself in the ice cream aisle. And there it was. Right there on the label it said “No Growth.”


Sure, the whole sentence it said “No Artificial Growth Hormones used on Cows.” But, all I focused on was, “No Growth.” Presuming his to refer to my waistline, I instantly grabbed the carton of Chocolate Truffle ice cream and came home for inspiration.

This snack was decadently delicious. As you can see from the cover photo, the Chocolate Truffle ice cream has been consumed and the bowls are rinsing in the sink. Me, I’m sitting here looking at my waistline and so far see no noticeable growth. Ah, truth in advertising. As you can tell from this post, I was inspired.

Happy Easter, if you celebrated it. For fun this year, try putting one of those marshmallow peeps in the microwave. You won’t regret it.

FOOTNOTE: One of my first posts alerted the readers to the value of reading the labels on the packaging when shopping at the grocery store. While I found different values this evening, this post has some good information. Here’s “Flavorful Findings,” in case you missed it.