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IMG_0759 (2)I can’t say I’m really sure what process advertisers go through when selecting a song for their commercial, but I must say I have found several of the recent 5-15 second samples in car ads to be quite catchy.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, say in 1980 or even 1990, one would never know where these songs came from. They’d be the source of endless conversation or maybe a random call to a radio station to see if the DJ knew the source of the song.

These days, Shazam. You can find the song with an ap on your IPhone. This ap can tell you the name and the artist of the song simply by hearing a few riffs, even when you hold it up to the TV.

Yes, the name of the ap is Shazam and Gomer Pyle has nothing to do with this name I am told. Technology. Gotta love it.

I diligently researched and found the song title and artist for my three favorite car ad songs. I share my findings.

1) Honda Civic ad. The song is “Walking on a Dream.” The band is called Empire of the Sun. Oddly, this is an Australian eclectic, electric musical duo with a Chinese influenced video (the official video for this song was filmed in Shanghai) and a car ad for a Japanese car manufacturer.

The song is from 2008 and were it not for the Honda ad, I would never have heard of it. Here’s the official video if you want to hear the whole song.

This band has another captivating song called “Alive” that you might enjoy as well.

2) Noah and the Whales is a British band that is in a current state of non-existence or on a hiatus if you will. Their song is in a 2015 Volkswagen Golf ad. It’s called “5 Years Time” and it did not even hit the charts when it was released in 2007.

According to the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, “5 Years Time” has had over 8 million hits on YouTube since 2008. No break down on the source of the stats, but smart money says 7 million 999 thousand were after the Volkswagen ad. It’s a catchy little tune, but not enough to keep the band together it seems. But you gotta love a song that talks about a zoo and elephants.

Here’s the whole song and official video. (I’m sure Wedwand’s endorsement will crank the views up to 9 million in no time.)

3) You all know the ad. You all know the song now because of the ad. It’s a Ford Explorer TV ad. “This is my fight song, take back my life song…”

The story behind the song is an inspiration.

For nearly ten years, Rachel Platten, played small clubs, sang to “crowds” of 30 people sometimes, and took gigs to just perform. She had a gift of music but nobody really noticed her. But she kept on. Sometimes I wonder what keeps talented artists of all kinds undiscovered by the masses.

A friend from New Jersey, Steve, recently posted this on a site for artists to express themselves, “Painters paint, preachers preach, teachers teach, actors act, musicians play, poets write, a very few get recognized but they represent the rest and that’s ok.”

Rachel Platten wrote “Fight Song” to inspire herself to continue her pursuit of a dream. She never even really intended it to be a “hit.” Turns out it was and she is currently on tour.

The video merits watching, the lyrics worth hearing.

Like a small boat On the ocean
Sending big waves Into motion
Like how a single word Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion

So keep on creating, keep on dreaming, keep on keeping on. Your work will be heard even if nobody listens.

FOOTNOTE: Cover photo is a shout out to another car ad. Cars parked all down the block by my house and well they sure don’t look like a Buick.

Source: Proper Introductions

IMG_0746 (2)As soon as the late night news is over, I really should go to bed.

More often than not, I don’t.

Why you may ask?

Because I get sucked into one of the three late night talk shows that air immediately following the news.

They are hard to avoid. There’s one on each of the original three major networks. CBS, NBC, and ABC currently runs Late Night talk shows hosted by Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel respectively.

Each has their own merit. Each features interviews with people in show business plugging a new movie, new TV series, book or album.

For tradition’s sake, I usually gravitate to the Tonight Show.

The Tonight Show, which has been on the air since 1954, is world’s longest-running talk show, and the longest running, regularly scheduled entertainment program in the United States. (I painstakingly confirmed this through Wikipedia, so it must be true.)

Recently though, I have honed in on something that annoys me about an aspect of talk shows. It’s like watching a basketball game. Once you hone in on the squeaking gym shoes on the basketball court, you can’t quite get past that sound while you are watching the game.

Merriam Webster defines “white noise” as, “a heterogeneous mixture of sound waves extending over a wide frequency range.” But it’s not quite a “white noise” that annoys me. It’s a calculated noise.

There are three such annoyances and they all involve HOW guests are introduced.

Annoyance One.
The simple classic allusion to a guest on the show during a monologue is, “Our guest tonight is Robert De Niro.”

But now, many many talk show hosts say with a high degree of enthusiasm about their guest, “Robert De Niro is in the house.”

OK, “in the house” sounded cool the first thousand times a talk show host said some guest was “in the house.” As if this is one big talk show “family” and the guest is in your house. I get it. I think it is now a phrase that has run its course.

Talk show hosts, PLEASE think of another way to say who your guest will be tonight. Go back to the simple classic if you must.

Annoyance Two.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Give it up for (Insert guest name)”

Give what up? I don’t have that much to begin with. I’m supposed to give that up to Robert DeNiro JUST because he is your guest? Is this an old fashioned stick up? I really have to give it up? Or is it Lent, and I just have to give it up for 40 days?

The classic introduction is. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Robert DeNiro.” I think that will do. I don’t even have to give anything up to continue watching.

Annoyance Three.
This is kind of a part two of Annoyance number two, but separate nonetheless.

Instead of just saying the guest name of Robert De Niro, the host’s introduction in its most annoying fashion is, “Give it up for Robert Di NNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”


I could go on, but hey, I touched on the basic annoyances and wow, look at the clock. It’s time to watch the Tonight Show.