Trying to stay a step ahead of a nagging cold and I can feel it gaining on me, so this last entry of 2015 may be short. Gonna get in a few words while waiting for my tea to brew. This one contains slippery elm bark and organic marshmallow root. Surely this will be the trick.

I have also created a homemade elixir that consists of apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice, cinnamon and a shake of red pepper. Yes it sounds odd, but it’s peculiarly effective taken a tablespoon at a time and it makes a great salad dressing too.

Of course, I have conventionally cough syrup and a host of other remedies at my disposal.

They say there is no cure for the common cold. To prove this is true, take a look at your local drug store and you will find a whole aisle of products dedicated to cold relief which is proof positive that nobody knows how to cure the common cold. If they did, there would be just ONE item as an aisle-ender to purchase. Put it in the cart. Bang. Bye bye cold.

Instead, there is day time, night time, lunch time, and a couple snack time medications. There’s drowsy, non-drowsy, guaranteed to put you to sleep and get out the Pink Floyd CD medicines as well. (Those are now behind the pharmacy counter by the smiling druggist with tinted lenses. All the good items are now behind by the pharmacist.)

Time to run. The tea pot is simmering.

If it doesn’t work soon, I am going to contact the three witches from Scotland and see if they can conjur up a potion to beat this. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find “eye of newt” this time of year since all the newts are in hiding. Just when you get the toe of frog, bam, all the news have vanished. Apologies to Act 4 Scene 1 of Macbeth.

Will leave you with a couple of links to year ending articles of the past in case you missed them.

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Happy New Year. Stay well (or find out where the newts are hiding).