Part 1 (Tuesday night)

So, it’s that time of year. The perfect storm of sports when the NFL football season meets the beginning of the NHL Hockey season while the MLB baseball playoffs begin and the NBA basketball season is about to begin preseason competition. The puck meets the horsehide meets the pigskin and the round ball as grown men play their games of skill and chance as fanatics cheer them on.

These games happen and if you are a fan, you follow them with varying degrees of interest, especially if it is playoff season and your team is among the elite that remain.

Part 2 (Wednesday night)

So, I couldn’t finish last night because my favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs were in the one game Wild Card Playoff game tonight and all sorts of weird things seem to happen when the Cubs reach the playoffs ranging from billy goats to black cats to ground balls between legs to fans deflecting foul balls to outright sweeps even though they enter the playoffs with the best record in the league.

But this year’s team is a collection of exuberant young players complimented by some crafty veterans led by an eclectic manager who sometimes borders on baseball genius. They’re a fun team to watch.

I was hoping that this wasn’t my daddy’s Cubs but I had to make sure. Well, they won tonight 4-0 and move on to the next round. While they haven’t won anything yet, many a Cub fan are happy and just plain relieved that they won their first playoff game in 13 years.

Too soon to say, “next year is here,” but hey hey they won tonight and live to see another day. That venerable old ball park, Wrigley Field will once again be home to a playoff game within her ivy covered and recently renovated walls. Once again, hope springs eternal in the fall.

If you’re a Cubs fan, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, come along for the ride. You just might like this version of the Addison Street Miracle as they rise from the rubble of reconstruction and venture further into the uncharted territory of post-season play.