IMG_0019Just a smattering of random observations for this last official Wednesday of the summer.

-Once again, in what seems like just a week, another summer has passed us by in the wink of an eye and suddenly, you are standing outside one evening at 7:15 PM and thinking, “Hey, it’s getting dark already.”

The older one gets, the faster time flies. If there is that legendary hill, I likely am over it and time sure seems to pick up steam as it’s rolling downhill.

-The trees have not yet started to change colors here yet, but if you look very closely at the cover photo, you can see the first semblance of a brown leaf. Not quite star light star bright, yet it is a harbinger of the forthcoming fall.

– Do you ever use that “voice recognition” method to text on your cell phone? I know I do because my index finger can easily fit over a 6 full letters on that tiny keyboard and it’s a matter of convenience. Sometimes the results are comical.

My sister texted me about a memorial recently that drew a number of cars to her neighborhood.
“The percussion is still going on”
“There’s drums?” I replied

The local grocery story was giving out elaborate samples today. It was so outstanding that I texted my wife about it: “Salmon salad with raspberry vinaigrette and Walmarts (walnuts).” No Walmart does not give away salmon, that’s for sure. But a tip of the hat to Mariano’s who had this awesome sample.

I am seeing a chiropractor for some back issues. My wife thinks I am seeking ancient care from an Egyptian practitioner when I text, “I am going to the Cairo.”

And the number one voice activated test from last week came when I sent my wife a text of things needed from the grocery store for a soup recipe. The list included potatoes, green onions, carrots, mushrooms, bacon and condom milk (condensed milk). Aggggggghhhhhhhh.

It is highly recommended one proofread before hitting the “send” button. Luckily, I did.

-Every now and again, I see a sign that baffles me. Here is one such sign from a lawn service truck I was recently following behind in traffic.

This lawn service company does grass cutting, trimming bushes and bricks.

I don’t know just what they do with the bricks but if I ever need my bricks cut or trimmed, I know where to go. Maybe they carry a random load of bricks in the trailer just in case someone needs a brick. Often times I walk down the street thinking, “Boy, if I only had a brick.”

Enjoy the last full weekend of summer. We’ll see you in the fall, or do you say, autumn?