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“There’s one for you, nineteen for me cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman…” The steamy water was flowing and I was singing the above mantra from the Fab Four while sudsing up in the shower this morning.

Now, I don’t sing in the shower EVERY morning, but truth be told, I probably do three or four times a week. Not a whole opera or even a whole song for that matter, but sometimes a tune hits me when I wake up and the refreshing water flows and bang, it’s shower solo time.

It’s not loud and American Idol judges would likely call it, “a little pitchy” and nobody from The Voice would hit the button and spin around in their chairs at my version.

Heck, I rarely know all the words of the song I’m singing and just repeat a favorite lyric or refrain two or three or fifteen times while soaping up. “Yeah, I’m the tax man, Yeah, I’m the tax man.”

Well, here’s the weird part. Fresh and clean and ready for work, I hit the dusty trail and turned on the car radio to WXRT Chicago and after the newscast, first song was ….can you guess it? Indeed it was, “Taxman” by the Beatles.

OK, this being April 15, that’s not THAT unusual, but still, first song I heard was the real song I sang in the shower.

The really weird part is that’s the 2nd time this week this has happened.

Our family’s been trying to be a tad healthier lately, so on Sunday, we bought a bunch of healthy stuff; lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, walnuts, grapes, berries et cetera and shunned the cookies and trans fats and all the bad stuff.

My wife made salads for every one for lunch and I packed some healthy snacks for work, nuts and berries and such.

When I was showering that next Monday morning, I started singing in the shower. Imagine that. There was one obscure song by the Talking Heads called Nothing But Flowers. Even fans of the band Talking Heads probably don’t even know this one. One of the refrains was “We used to microwave, now we just eat nuts and berries, you got it you got it.”

You got it, I just sang, “Now we eat nuts and berries. You got it you got it. You got it.” Shampoo, soap, flowing water and I ready for a Monday morning.

So, I walk out to the car, switch on the ignition and the radio instantly comes on with … You got it

OK. This Talking Heads song from their last album is so obscure that even some Talking Heads fans don’t know it exists.

While Taxman on April 15 was not unusual, Nothing But Flowers on April 13 was at least 500-1 odds.

I’m not sure what I will sing in the shower tomorrow or IF I will sing in the shower tomorrow, but I encourage my readers to sing in the shower and see what happens. It may sound nuts, but you may get some berries. There are infinite possibilities if you believe.