Easter Brunch for some is a time honored tradition. Easter Brunch is also a time honored money maker for local establishments. In my independent study, prices ranged from $35 to $70 per person, specialty beverages not included. Most of the prices I looked up here in Chicago hovered at the median range of $43.77 give or take 57 cents.

Now, I’m not knocking an Easter Brunch. Most of them are elaborate set ups with ices sculptures, bunny butter, a myriad of tasty delicacies and it IS an opportunity to taste test foods you might not normally get to eat. (HINT: You do not want to try to eat a spoonful of caviar straight up. Trust me on this one. Who knew? Here I am thinking, “Oh boy, caviar. I’m so fancy.“ Then, in an instant, I am excusing myself from the table and blowing fish eggs into my napkin on a mad rush to the bathroom.)

But, if you’d like to experience the Easter treat of a brunch and if you got an extra $300 or so at your disposal for your family of four and you don’t mind waiting in huge lines whether you’ve got a reservation or not, have at it.

If you prefer a simpler fare, $285 or so, cheaper, Wedwand has recently invented a breakfast sandwich treat for you. It involves only 5 main food items, the Final 5 if you are still in March Madness mode, relatively simple to prepare and has a secret sauce that is NOT Thousand Island dressing.

Here’s the ingredients for the Sunshine Avocado Breakfast Muffin (from bottom to top).

English Muffins
I know of no other muffin that claims a country as its origin. But if you do, and prefer a Portuguese or Ecuadorian muffin, by all means feel free to substitute.

The right avocado is essential. It must be ripe enough to spread across the muffin.

Canadian Bacon
There is no country compromise on this one. Got to be Canadian Bacon. It’s the reason they sing “Oh Canada.” You can often find reasonably priced Canadian Bacon at you favorite Deli, sliced to your preference. Those packaged ones are too expensive, but if you must, go for it.

Now here’s some room for negotiation. You may use whole eggs, or egg whites, or some combination thereof. I used one egg and a ½ cup of egg whites stirred up for 2 sandwiches.

Shredded Cheddar Cheese (This is what adds the “sunshine” to the muffin.)
You may substitute your favorite shredded cheese if you prefer.

Special Sauce. We shall call it Wedwandaise

Hollandaise Sauce is a spectacularly wonderful treat, but quite the hassle to make at home. It involves separating egg white from yolk and adding melted butter without cooking the egg with the warmed butter. (I am running only a 57% success ratio on that account.) Here’s the alternative:

1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
1 teaspoon Mayonnaise
1/8 teaspoon lemon juice.
Stir it up

    Sunshine Avocado Sandwich Preparation Method

Lightly toast the muffin

In a pan, drizzle some Olive Oil and cook 2 slices of Canadian Bacon per muffin until done. (So, if you got 2 muffins, use 4 slices, 4 muffins, 8 slices. Do the math America.) Remove from pan but keep it warm.

Fry your choice of eggs in the same pan. Do not stir. Flip when it seems like they’re cooked and turn off the heat.

Spread the avocado on top of the open faced muffin.
Top that with Wedwandaise.
Top with 2 slices of Canadian Bacon per muffin

At this point, it should look something like this:IMG_1858

Top with the cooked eggs and sprinkle some shredded Cheddar on top. Serve open faced. (See cover photo.)

There you have it. Sunshine Avocado Breakfast Muffin and $285 change in your pocket.

Unless of course you really wanna try caviar. Then just keep a napkin in your pocket and make a reservation for brunch.