You know lots of people in the news go to great lengths to be politically correct and not offend anyone in this crazy world in which we live in. Then the local news this week reports a case of the measles is confirmed in Chicagoland and they show a picture of a guy with RED MEASLE SPLOTCHES all over his body. And then they stay on it a good 10-15 seconds which they presume will NOT to offend anyone. That my friends is why you never should watch the TV news while eating dinner.

Not to be out done, in the summer whenever the first case of West Nile Virus is reported there is inevitably a picture of this guy, who obviously lost a bet on the Super Bowl, with his hand INSIDE a glass case with thousands of mosquitoes swarming around said hand. Nobody’s offended by that either.

But speaking of the Super Bowl (10 segue points please) …

Here’s a fun five fact quiz about the Super Bowl. Let’s see how good the Wedwand readers are:

1) Fans anxiously awaited the very first Super Bowl held in the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1967 and tickets to the game were sold out.

True or False?

2) Which team has never won a Super Bowl?

A) Green Bay Packers
B) Chicago Bears
C) Buffalo Bills
D) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
E) St. Louis Rams

3) Which artist has NEVER performed at halftime of the Super Bowl?

A) Chubby Checker
B) Carol Channing
C) Sting
D) The Rolling Stones
E) New Kids On The Block

4) Which Metropolitan City area has NEVER hosted a Super Bowl?

A) Detroit
B) Minneapolis
C) New York
D) Seattle
E) Atlanta

5) Which sportscaster never announced a Super Bowl?

A) Greg Gumbel
B) Dick Enberg
C) Al Michaels
D) Frank Gifford
E) Howard Cosell


1) FALSE. 61,946 were in attendance that day at the Los Angeles Coliseum which had a capacity of 99,000. Over 30,000 seats were empty. In fact, it wasn’t even called ”The Super Bowl” then. The game didn’t take on that name until the third game which they dubbed Super Bowl III. It was however, the only Super Bowl aired by two networks, NBC and CBS.

2) C) The Buffalo Bills. They were there four times but never won. Same for the Minnesota Vikings.

3) C) Sting. Even harder to believe than the NKOB performing is that Carol Channing was featured in at least two Super Bowl half time shows.

4) D) Seattle. Last year’s champions and this year’s finalists have never hosted the event.

5) E) Howard Cosell. Though one of the original voices of Monday night Football, Cosell never was a part of a Super Bowl Broadcast Team.

Have a Super Sunday and we hope Wedwand has given you some fun facts to share over your pizza, nachos and brew this Super Sunday. Thanks for reading.

FOOTNOTE: This week’s cover photo is not Carrot Top’s wig, but official Chicago Bear pom poms from the year they went to Super Bowl XX in New Orleans. It was the only Super Bowl I ever attended, a 46-10 crushing of the very New England Patriots who will participate in this year’s event.

I always loved this song which reminds me of that weekend.