It’s all about sports these next few weeks.

THE NHL All Star Game is in Columbus, Ohio this Sunday, January 25. Hopefully, this event is not too exciting, because when THE Ohio State University won THE NCAA football title two weeks ago, THE Columbus Fire Department said 89 fires were reported near THE Ohio State campus between 1:00 AM and 4:45 AM. Fires on THE ice can be detrimental to a hockey game so Wedwand hopes THE Ohio State fans refrain from setting fire to THE ice.

The NBA All Star Weekend is in Brooklyn February 13- 15. The game is on Sunday the 15th, but the highlight just may be the Taco Bell Skills Challenge on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I Love You” like a sweaty NBA guard dribbling a ball right handed while eating and likely dribbling a Chalupa with his left hand. Be sure to have your Valentine tune in to this one with you. And if you happen to persuade her to make this a part of your Valentine’s Day celebration, enjoy the action on the court, because you surely will get no action later.

Sandwiched in between that is Super Bowl XLIX, or as some prefer to call it as it is phonetically pronounced, Super Bowl Ex-Lax. This event happens on February 1. The NFL game these days relies on the passing game, but don’t forget the power of runs. (Ex-Lax can I get some sponsor money here?)

The Super Bowl this year features the Green Bay, uh, no wait, last minute edit since they lost in epic fashion to the Seattle Seahawks who will play the New England Patriots.

The Seahawks advanced to the Super Bowl in the rain, despite giving away four intercepted balls. In the final three minutes, they ran the ball in, floated a ball across the field for 2 extra points, recovered an onside ball, and threw the ball for a 35 yard bomb in overtime for an unprecedented comeback victory.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, also in the rain, the Patriots were deflating their balls. The result, a ball crushing 45-7 victory. Perhaps, the deflation of the balls is more effective.

The Super Bowl is an annual event and perhaps one of the most entertaining moments of the buildup is Media Day.

Amidst all the hoopla surrounding Super Bowl Ex-Lax, Wedwand wonders if any of these questions will be asked. Here’s our Top 5 that we hope for:

5. Do you think the key to victory is your ability run the ball or throw the ball or just have lucky balls?
4. Tom Brady, will your balls be deflated or not for the Super Bowl?
3. Russell Wilson, does the size of your balls matter in the big game?
2. Since the game will be played indoors, does it matter how inflated your balls are?
And if Wedwand was able to get a press pass by virtue of outstanding blogging, this is the number one question the camel would ask:
1. Balls in or balls out?