A few months back, Wedwand posted a piece appropriately titled “Bits and Pieces”. The concept was three short vignettes, blips or observations randomly selected with a song theme by a single artist. In case you missed it:
Part 2 or Part II or The Sequel or Bits and More Pieces …….. Whatever. Here goes.

So, across the nation, gas prices are plummeting to records lows. Finally, the common man gets a break at the pumps. And what do we hear? This is ultimately bad for the economy.

Speak for yourself Mister Out of Touch Bureaucrat seemingly unaware of the plight of the constituency whom you claim to represent. We’re loving gas prices under $2 a gallon.

And, a few years ago when gas was going for a hundred and fifty dollars a gallon we were told to expect prices to increase on consumer goods such as groceries because of the added cost of transportation. And they did.

But now that the gas prices are down, we find we are not paying any less for a loaf of bread than we did when the gas prices were double. Hmm.

Do you ever look at the labels on your food? If you haven’t yet, please start.
Wedwand loves potato chips.

The ingredients of plain potatoe (woops, I wen Dan Quayle on you) chips are:
Potatoes, Oil, Salt.

Simple, delightful, delicious.

But say you want to get some flavored Pringles chips. Man them Pizza-licious chips are tasty and on sale this week for 99 cents. Here’s those ingredients:

Potatoes Dried , Vegetables Oil , Corn Oil , Cottonseed Oil , Sunflower Oil , Corn Meal Yellow , Cheese Cheddar, Cheese Culture , Enzymes , Maltodextrin , Milk Pasteurized , Salt , Wheat Starch , Whey , Citric Acid ,Disodium Phosphate , Garlic Powder , Malic Acid , Milk Protein Concentrate , Monosodium Glutamate , Milk Non Fat , Onions Powder , Paprika , Soybeans Oil Partially Hydrogenated , Red 40 Lake , Sodium Caseinate , Spices, Sucrose , Tomatoes Powder , Flavors Natural & Artificial, Yeast Extract Autolyzed , Tri Calcium Phosphate

Nuf said?


Another hit from the “Sports” album. And as Howard Cosell said, “Speaking of sports”, it’s NFL Playoff time. Is there anything dumber than five guys in flashy suits sitting around a table for two full hours analyzing everything from the zit on the quarterback’s forehead to the price of Pringles in Pittsburgh?

Give me this 38 second pre-game intro (Ice Bowl 1967) anytime instead of the endless drivel they insist on playing these days.

Simple, insightful, informative.

Thanks for reading. If you know the featured “Bits and Pieces” artist, let Wedwand know. There might be an orange peel in it for you.

FOOTNOTE: The orange peel angel has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but hey, think I could make any money on Ebay for it?!?!?!