New Year’s Eve. The final day of the year 2014. Wow.

Seems like just a short time ago we were celebrating Y2K, the new Millennium and buying bottled water and cans of tuna in droves because we were worried that all our computers would crash and the world would shut down and nobody would be able to access any money to check out at the cash register. And nobody even had cell phones then.

Really, this did happen and come on, admit it; even you had an extra case of water, a bottle of booze, and a candle in the garage just in case the lights went out when they sang Auld Lang Syne at midnight in the year 2000.

Which brings to mind, why do they play Auld Lang Syne at midnight every year? Wedwand did some research and discovered this tradition began when Mel Gibson started singing the song in the musical, “The Sound of the Hills of Braveheart”, right before he famously proclaimed, “Alba gu bra!” This loosely translated means, “Man this kilt itches!”

I might have made that up.

Actually, Auld Lang Syne does in fact have Scottish roots as it is based on a 226 year old poem written by a Scotsman named Robert Burns. The opening line, “Should old acquaintance be forgot …” poses a lyrical question as we pass from one year to the next. This leads to the philosophical nature of the song which fundamentally infers to not leave the past behind but look ahead boldly to the future while taking “a cup kindness” to the past and the future.

Nah. Auld Lang is a superb hurler from Scotland that the Chicago Cubs hope to Syne for next year’s team since he is free AND a free agent Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2015 Chicago Cubs.

Which brings to mind, here we are on the brink a new year. 2015. If you are a Cubs fan like me, you’ve been waiting for this year ever since you saw Back To The Future Part II in 1989. In that movie, set partially in the then futuristic year 2015, the Chicago Cubs are depicted as the World Series Champions.

Next year is here!

Maybe, maybe not for the Cubs, but as surely as time keeps on ticking, it WILL be 2015.

Gonna sing me some Huey Lewis when the big ball drops this year. Sing along if you wish. Thanks for reading in 2014. Wedwand appreciates your support!