The dark days of December descend again.

The nights are longer than the days and the days are shorter than the nights.

This continual waning of the daylight will continue right up until the Winter Solstice which this year happens on December 21, 2014. After that, we’ll be on the highway to where the days are longer and the nights are stronger than moonshine.

Sorry for the gloomy beginning, but as you know, it’s also the cold and flu season. And guess what seems to have come to pay “season’s greetings” to me? Something that vaguely resembles a cold or flu.

Now I diligently got my flu shot this year as I always do, but when I queried my medical practitioner on why I was feeling lousy despite that, he only said, “The shot isn’t effective against THAT flu.”

Ah, so if you survive a season without getting the flu, then the shot worked. But if you don’t, you got THAT flu.

I am drinking tea in droves, throwing back vitamins, juice and herbal remedies too. My next step is, eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog.

But before I made the fire burn and cauldron bubble, I thought I’d try some over the counter remedies first. Problem is, not all over the counter remedies are over the counter. Certain ones, and I presume these are the good ones, are at the pharmacy counter.

However, “at the pharmacy” counter is where all the people are sneezing and hacking while waiting for their medications.

I took a chance on something in the aisle.

Now here’s the weird thing about these cold and flu remedies, almost all of them have this cryptic tag in the corner that says, “LIFT HERE for more drug facts” or “PEEL corner to reveal complete drug facts”.

Problem is, it is impossible for a sick person of even average dexterity to peel back the damn corner and if you are so lucky like I was on my 78th try, there is nothing UNDER the label but white cardboard because the drug facts have stuck to the underside of the label.

Now you would think the “drug facts” under the label are things like, “Don’t drive your bulldozer while taking this medication.” But that is not the case. The hidden “drug facts” are the actual recommended dosage, which means you have to guess how many pills to take.

So if this week’s entry seems scattered, I may have accidentally taken 4 pills every 1 hour because I was unable to get to the “drug facts “ that said 1 pill ever four hours.