It’s that time of year. If you are listening to your car radio or walking through a mall or even standing in an elevator, you are hard pressed not to hear a Christmas song along the way, (or do you call them carols?)

You can even find radio stations that play them 24/7 if you want.

It’s the most wonderful time to roast your chestnuts, dream of snow, think of babies and pa rum pah pum pum.

These are the times when you hear songs with lyrics (or do you call them words?) that you never use in your daily life at any other time of year.

Wedwand wants to take a closer look at some of these seasonalisms (1) and contemplate how they don’t seem to fit in at other times of the year.

The 2014 nominees for seasonalisms are:

Hark. The Herald Angels apparently sing, “Hark” this time of year. But we do not say “Hark” look at the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Manger. The classic song talks about being away in it, but we are never here with it in other times of the year. “Honey, I’m going check the lowing cattle in the manger, but I’ll be home in time for dinner.”

Excelsis. My choir director said this is pronounced, “egg shell sees” rather than “ex cell sis.” So, when I cook scrambled eggs for my wife and she asks, “Did you clean up?” I point to the garbage and say, “Egg shells, see.” Then I sing loudly. GLO O O O O O O O O O O RIA. Or, G-L-O-R-I-A. Gloria. About five feet four from her head to the ground.

Reindeer – Santa’s sleigh is guided by them. Rudolph is a red-nosed one and Grandma got run over by one, but we never talk about them in our summer cookouts. “Honey, I have the smoker going. Where’s the reindeer?”

Peace on Earth – Heck, we can’t even find that no matter what the season.

Footnotes: (1) Wedwand seems to have invented a word. Seasonalisms. Google it (or do you Yahoo). You can’t find it. I’m sticking with it as the first word invented on this blog. Help me define it. Results next week.