Fresh off the celebration of the 100th post of Wedwand, Wednesday Wanderings took to wondering why we celebrate noteworthy events on the fives and tens. The ten year, the twenty-five year, the one hundred year anniversary of an occasion all get BIG billing. We even sometimes give a name to the 100th Anniversary and call it a “Centennial.”

But, if the event merits special celebration, why not on the 3’s and 7’s? Or, maybe the 6’s and 8’s. Not many folks have a big celebration for their 17th anniversary. Pretty sure those numbers are feeling left out.

And how about one? One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. Two can be as bad as one, but then again if you know anything about 3 Dog Night, then you already knew that.

So let’s honor a tradition that began in 1621 by having a special celebration of the 393rd Thanksgiving this year.

In case you didn’t know, the Thanksgiving tradition began when an unsuspecting Indian Tribe, the Wampanoag and an English Rugby team called the Plymouth Pilgrims decided to share an autumnal feast in Massachusetts after a big match.

The Wampanoag taught the Pilgrims how to live off the land and the Pilgrims agreed to never offend the Wampanoag by naming a football team after them. And that is why to this day, you have not heard of a team in the NFL named the Washington Wampanoags.

Oh the wonderful things Wedwand can teach you.

Now many comedians would interject here, “But seriously folks.” Wedwand will not do that.

But, here’s some Thanksgiving “musts” to remember in this thrilling 393rd celebration extravaganza.

1. Never put up your Christmas decorations BEFORE Thanksgiving. The Malls and stores and cities all around America honor this age old tradition. HAHAHAHAHAHA. No they don’t. Those greedy rat bastards of retail deck the halls every year BEFORE Thanksgiving thereby stepping on America’s greatest holiday. If you MUST put them up, at least don’t light them until AFTER Thanksgiving.

2. Please please please, don’t call it Turkey Day. Not only does it offend the people of Istanbul, but it does take the “Thanks” out of Thanksgiving, which is what the holiday is all about.

3. Take a moment, just a moment to give thanks for all that you have.

4. Have a beverage of choice and crank to 11, the Wedwand traditional Thanksgiving Carol.

See you in December!