One of the hardest things about doing Wedwand each week is coming up with ideas. As we near the 100th all-time post, I encounter this again.

Inspiration usually comes from a noteworthy event or recent observation. I get a lot of stuff from grocery stores. In fact just this week there was a sale on pomegranates at my local Jewel. The sale sign is the cover photo.

Uh huh, 2 for $4 each. Not sure what that means, but I bought one, just to see what happened.

Then they got the ‘buy one get one free’ (BOGO) offers. My wife picked out two nice looking pork loin roasts and got them pretty close to the same price. One was $8.11, the other $8.18. The friendly register girl (FRG) rang them up, but alas the 2nd roast was not free.

You have to watch these things AS they are ringing them up or get burned on the price.

When we called to their attention that the sign, by the VERY pork roasts we bought said BOGO, the FRG dialed 103 for a price check.

“Not THOSE pork roasts” was the reply.

I went back and brought back the actual sign that said Hormel Rolled Pork Loin Roasts were BOGO and there was a whole container of them RIGHT BY THE SIGN.

The FRG rang 103.

Meanwhile, the people in line behind me were getting a tad agitated by the multiple price checks. OK, I had 16 items in the 15 item express line, but I figured the BOGO gave me a pass on the extra item. As if it’s my fault they had a whole container of apparently not eligible for the BOGO pork roasts RIGHT NEXT to the sign that said BOGO.

So, 103 calls back and says, “It’s the whole pork roasts, not the rolled pork roasts” that are on sale. Fair enough, except, there were NO WHOLE pork roasts anywhere in the meat section. We had a better chance of finding a live pig there than a whole pork roast.

Now my Wedwand post prides itself on the absence of profanity, so I will simply say here that we said, “F your pork roasts and the hog they rode in on. We don’t want them. And take back the sign and put it in the right place when you do it. Oh wait, there IS NO right place because there are NO whole pork roasts anywhere to be found in the meat section.”

OK, I lied. While I wanted to say that, I didn’t say that. My wife politely said, “No pork for us today. Thank you.”

Suffice it to say, there were no extra bonus stamps given to us that day, either.

But I’m sure this has happened to you.

So, this post is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) as we go into the holiday season. Check the sales, check the price. And if by chance, you actually find a whole pork roast, buy two, cause they are on sale.

Oh yeah, the pomegranate rang up at two bucks.