I have this innate ability to block out commercials when I see them on TV. Normally, they are not selling anything I want. And, normally, I want to get back to what I was watching.

But there are a couple of ads recently that have caught my attention. Not because they are witty, not because I have wanted their product, not because my internal ad sensor has failed me. It’s because they play them 575 times during a three hour football game. You may know the ones I’m talking about.

1) A young guy takes his car, some sort of pick-up type vehicle, and is on his way to a mountain retreat that looks like something like almost heaven West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.

But, on the way there, he drives down Pacific Coast Highway 1 in California. This is because EVERY car ad is required to drive down PCH1. It is a beautiful drive to compliment any sort of vehicle on the road. Watch for PCH1 next time you see a car ad. Wedwand is guessing the highway is in 75% of the vehicle ads on TV. (See cover photo. This one was an actual set-up for a Corvette ad they were about to shoot in 2012.)

Anyhow, so after getting from California to West Virginia in four hours, the son arrives at his desolate destination and calls his mom and they have a visual chat where she says. “Oh you made it …” AS IF there’s a cell phone tower with 75 miles of this scenic spot in West Virginia.

2) The girls are all talking at a backyard BarBQ and scream annoyingly because they all have the right phone plan ( I think). Suddenly, glass shatters, ALL AROUND THE FOOD, and then the most annoying of the screamer girls says, “Let’s eat.”

And then they ALL chow down on glass-riddled potato salad, slivered chicken, and God know what else contains particles of shattered glass, maybe even pheasant under glass.

My wife turns down the sound right away now the second the ad comes on. We check our chicken wings for glass shards and pray for the game to come back on.

OK so just so you know I’m not a glass half empty sort of guy, Wedwand DOES like an ad. It’s the car ad that features the song, “Mony Mony.” Good song, not annoying, very subtle ending. Only flaw is they used the Billy Idol version instead of the original by Tommy James and the Shondells.

Maybe you too have some ads that annoy, maybe some ads that you like. If you do, feel free to share with the class or glass if you will. Thanks for reading!