There’s a band out there called The Tragically Hip. This week’s blog is not about them. In fact, I am not sure I could name one song they have, no offense Hipsters.

They are one of those bands for me that when you may hear a cool song on the radio, the radio DJ says, “That’s the Tragically Hip coming to you live on KBOOM, the Boom, where we play boom sha-ka-laka tunes all day.”

Then you say to yourself, “So THAT’S The Tragically Hip.” Then after that you instantly forget the song and the band. But, I’m sure that’s happened to you.

And this has probably happened to you too, if you have children or nieces and nephews or a younger cat that has an opinion and talks. What you once thought was cool, is no longer cool anymore. It happened to me this weekend passed.

I was preparing a menu for a special event and I listed the entree’s in comic sans font. I thought it was fairly cool to list them that way and showed my 23 year old daughter, somehow, (and I don’t know why) expecting instant approval.

“Dad, nobody uses comic sans anymore.”


“Well then, you make it look good then,” I replied sadly, somewhat crestfallen.

You know what? She did. And it did look better. In fact, it looked great.

And that’s when the band of the unknown song came to me, Tragically Hip. At that very moment, when I thought I was hip with my chosen font, I was actually tragically hip.

It happened to me and it will happen to you and it will one day likely happen to my daughter, she of the comic sans rejection.

What was once cool, no longer is.
Times change, fashions change, people change, fonts change.

Sometimes it’s hip to be square (Huey Lewis) and sometimes you got to roll with the changes (REO Speedwagon).

But, whatever you do, don’t lose those bell bottom pants. Those things keep creeping back in to fashion every ten or fifteen years or so.

Thanks for reading.

For those not in the know, a “font” as used in this article is a particular style of type used in a document. It is not “The Font of Youth” and it is not a receptacle for water in your church of choice.