You need it, but sometimes can’t get it.
You get it, but sometimes you need more.
Sometimes you feel like you don’t need it at all, but eventually you will.

Who am I?
Need more?

Sometimes you talk in it.
Disney had a few movies about it.
Surprisingly, most people say to “go to” it.

Got it yet?

It’s sleep.

Isn’t that last one an odd expression? You go to a concert. You go to a game. You go to school. You go to work. All are active activities. AND, you go to sleep. Inactive. Peaceful. There’s the “go to.”

Here’s the “get to.” You can’t get to the party. You can’t get to the store. You “get to” the finish line. But, there are just some nights when you just can’t “get to” sleep.

Here’s another oddity about sleep. Why is the best sleep you have in the 8 minutes after you punch the snooze on your clock? (Or do you set your snooze for 11?)

Restless ALL night, tossing and turning. RIIIINNG. Punch the alarm clock and damn, you are about to fall into the best sleep of your life. Oh yeah, you gotta hit it again sometimes for another 8 minutes of bliss.

Here’s another one. You are awakened by the RIIIINNG in the midst of an outstanding dream. You try desperately to re-create the dream, and you can’t.

Conversely, you are awakened by the RIIIINNG in the midst of a strange night mare. And when you go back “to sleep” that weird dude in the purple suit is chasing you again over the bridge.

And another thing .. nother thin, noth, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.