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You need it, but sometimes can’t get it.
You get it, but sometimes you need more.
Sometimes you feel like you don’t need it at all, but eventually you will.

Who am I?
Need more?

Sometimes you talk in it.
Disney had a few movies about it.
Surprisingly, most people say to “go to” it.

Got it yet?

It’s sleep.

Isn’t that last one an odd expression? You go to a concert. You go to a game. You go to school. You go to work. All are active activities. AND, you go to sleep. Inactive. Peaceful. There’s the “go to.”

Here’s the “get to.” You can’t get to the party. You can’t get to the store. You “get to” the finish line. But, there are just some nights when you just can’t “get to” sleep.

Here’s another oddity about sleep. Why is the best sleep you have in the 8 minutes after you punch the snooze on your clock? (Or do you set your snooze for 11?)

Restless ALL night, tossing and turning. RIIIINNG. Punch the alarm clock and damn, you are about to fall into the best sleep of your life. Oh yeah, you gotta hit it again sometimes for another 8 minutes of bliss.

Here’s another one. You are awakened by the RIIIINNG in the midst of an outstanding dream. You try desperately to re-create the dream, and you can’t.

Conversely, you are awakened by the RIIIINNG in the midst of a strange night mare. And when you go back “to sleep” that weird dude in the purple suit is chasing you again over the bridge.

And another thing .. nother thin, noth, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The rising September sun brutally beamed in my eyes on my eastbound drive this morning. But, the good news was … the sun was out. Yessirree Bob, it’s mid September. I don’t know who Bob is and I don’t know where that saying came from. It just magically sprang from my fingers as I typed.

The sun was in my eyes but the sun was shining. It was a good day.

One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.
That’s why there’s chocolate and that’s why there’s vanilla.
And for every coin toss, there’s a heads and there’s a tails.

Unless your flipping nickels, then there’s Thomas Jefferson and the Monticello.
At least after 1938, there was TJ and Monty.

I’m not sure whey they call the other side of the coin “tails”. The heads part is easy, but the only coin that I know of that has a tail, is the US nickel minted from 1913 until 1938. This coin features an Indian head on one side and buffalo (with a tail) on the other side.


The Indian head on the nickel looks strikingly like the Washington Redskins logo, but that was not the reason why TJ supplanted the Indian Head in 1938. Nobody was offended by the nickel in 1938 when the Indian and the Buffalo went to that nickel heaven in the sky. It was just time for a change after 25 years.

So where was I? Sun in my eyes, but the sun is still shining.
Nobody was offended by the Indian Head nickel.
Bob. Who’s Bob?

A pastor at my church had a recurring theme in sermons. His name was Paul, not Bob. The question posed was this. “Who’s day went according to plan?”

Wedwand is waiting for “yes” answer.

Not too many hands went up there.

Expect the unexpected.

For every ceiling there’s a floor.
For every flavor of ice cream, there’s another.
For every heads, there’s a tails.

Whatever we face in life, we all have the choice on how to handle it.

Time for the coin toss. Call it in the air.


Now introducing a new monthly feature on Wedwand called Bits And Pieces. Three short vignettes, blips or observations that are randomly selected with a song theme.

If you wanted to take a stab at the name of this iconic (I said iconic NOT epic) band from the 60’s that inspired this week’s inaugural edition, there will be a poll at the end.

Here we go.


Just got back from a Chicago to Los Angeles trip and took my first flight on Spirit Airlines. As you may know, Spirit specializes in “ala carte” air fare. That is to say, the tickets are cheap but you pay for everything else, even for carry-on luggage bigger than a back pack.

Their seats do not even recline which I think is fantastic. (The reason they say is so they can get more seats on the plane. Read between the lines, cramped seating.)

However, their ala carte menu allows you to purchase the “big seat” which for my cross-continental flight to LA truly made me feel glad all over.

Sadly, no big seat was available for the ride home, but I did pay extra for a seat in the exit row. And, I’m pretty sure most of the passengers felt a little safer having me there with more leg room in that row.

Bottom line, if you can fit all the clothes you need for your trip in a back pack and don’t care about leg room, fly Spirit. They have good no frills fares.


Wedwand would like to salute an unsung invention, an unlikely machine that is overlooked for it’s value and efficiency. That invention is the stapler.

This simple device keeps our papers together at work, school or play. The stapler even subtly keeps our magazines and other publications together. They come in all shapes and sizes ranging from the size of your thumb to big industrial sized staplers.

It is efficient and quite simple to use, even for one as technically challenged as I. One simple wham on the top with the hand and bang, your papers are connected.

Wikipedia tells us that the first stapler was invented for King Louis XV of France. The Staple Singers also had a number one hit called, “I’ll Take You There.” It is a poignant love song about two pieces of paper longing to get together that were finally attached.


Football season is upon us again and you know what that means? It’s Fantasy Football time for many NFL fans. Wedwand has one piece of advise for all you Fantasy Football players out there:

NOBODY wants to know about your Fantasy Football team. Trust me on this one. I have a Fantasy Football team and even I don’t want to know about it.

I don’t care if your team has Walter Payton, Payton Manning and Tatum Channing, NOBODY wants to hear about it. Please don’t tell me about your team.

The only borderline acceptable mention is this. If you are at a football-watching-type-party with appetizers nobody should eat without a defibrillator and a touchdown is scored, you may say, “That’s my guy.” Those three words ONLY. Nothing else. Why? because nobody cares about your Fantasy Football team.

Trivia Answer:

And the name of the band from whence these songs came is: …… Drum roll please:

Well, the damn poll maker isn’t working. HAHAAHA. Maybe this is a Spirit Wedwand post and I had to pay extra:-) The band with the “Tottenham Sound” was The Dave Clark 5. The song “Bits and Pieces” reached number 4 in 1964.