Last week on Wedwand… (Isn’t that what they always say when Part 2 of a series starts?) … we took a look at sports managers and coaches and their game clothing.

Hockey coaches wear suits and look slick and sharp. Basketball coaches wear suits and some look bouncy and their lapels are pointed and crisp. Some resemble a traveling salesman.

Baseball managers wear the very same uniforms as the players and look silly. Perhaps we should call it an apparel error.

Now in the history of the game of baseball, while the vast majority of managers were clad in uniform, not every manager indeed wore a uniform.

The most notable exception was one Cornelius McGillicuddy, Sr. who managed the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901 until he retired at the age of 88 in 1950. Yes, you read that right, Connie Mack, as he was commonly known, managed the Philadelphia A’s for fifty years.

Another nickname for him was “The Tall Tactician”. Connie Mack stood 6’1″ tall and was renown for wearing a suit in the dugout.

Now isn’t this:

Better looking than that:


But the most amazing thing that research revealed was something Mr. Mack developed in 1916. It is called The Connie Mack Code of Conduct. It merits mention in its entirety.

I will always play the game to the best of my ability.
I will always play to win, but if I lose, I will not look for an excuse to detract from my opponent’s victory.
I will never take an unfair advantage in order to win.
I will always abide by the rules of the game—on the diamond as well as in my daily life.
I will always conduct myself as a true sportsman—on and off the playing field.
I will always strive for the good of the entire team rather than for my own glory.
I will never gloat in victory or pity myself in defeat.
I will do my utmost to keep myself clean—physically, mentally, and morally.
I will always judge a teammate or an opponent as an individual and never on the basis of race or religion.

Please re-read this Code of Conduct written 98 years ago and ask yourself how much is practiced in professional sport today. Connie Mack, oh that you were here today to drive home the significance of those Codes, especially the, the, well they ALL are outstanding.

Hats off to hockey for the handshake tradition which comes the closest to this tenet.

So, I know what you’re thinking. Hey Camel, you forgot football coaches.

Indeed we did. The NFL “always make a profit machine” mandates that coaches wear officially NFL licensed goods on the sidelines and Wedwand neither endorses nor encourages those “dress for pay” standards.

For real?

Now isn’t This:


Is better than that?:


It appears to me that a classy suit and the dapper Tom Landry hat are much preferred to the officially licensed Jedi attire of Obi Wan Belchekenobi.

Wedwand prefers the Landry Look, the Connie Code and as ZZ Top said, “Everybody’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man.”

Thanks for reading. As always, your input is appreciated.