The other night, the camel was tuned in to some random music awards show. I think there is one of these every month. This one was the American BillTVHeartIBoardMChoice Featuring Bob’s Favorite songs Award Show. Maybe not. All I know for sure is, the camel wasn’t watching the Grammy’s.

So they are handing out these awards AND the camel pointed out all the AND categories. Rock AND Roll. Rhythm AND Blues. Country AND Western. The Captain AND Tennille. One of those we made up. You decide.

So, we were wandering on the origin of the AND’s and realized some of the AND’s were actually dropped as the years went by.

Rock and Roll became Rock. Bye bye Roll.

Country and Western became/Country. So long Cowboy campfire songs.

Rhythm and Blues: Well hell. nobody really knows to this day what rhythm and blues really are. All songs generally have rhythm so you can’t just drop Blues and have a Rhythm category and if you drop Rhythm, then all you have is Blues and there already is a Blues category.

So, Rhythm and Blues remains a category for those music awards shows, but it is generally abbreviated now to R&B.

Interesting fact learned in researching this topic. Back in the 60’s Billboard inexplicably dropped the R&B category from their charts. Check this out. Wikipedia, the sources of all man’s knowledge says:

From November 30, 1963 to January 23, 1965 there were no Billboard R&B singles charts. No specific reason has ever been given as to why Billboard ceased releasing R&B charts, but the prevailing wisdom is that the chart methodology used was being questioned, since more and more Caucasian acts were reaching number-one on the R&B chart.

Oddly, this was when Motown was reaching its peak.

But, I digress. Or, should I say Wedwand wandered off topic a tad?

Lets for a moment pay tribute to the forgotten ROLL that has been missing in action of late for the music category Rock AND Roll. Bring back the roll.

The nominees for the award for best “Roll” song are:

Bob Seger “Roll Me Away”:

Bachman Turner Over Drive BTO: “Let it Roll”

The Cars: Good Times Roll

Vote for your favorite Roll song. If you don’t see it here, feel free to nominate one of your own.

FOOTNOTE: I know you are wondering why the cover photo seems to be a stone and a bun. The answer is easy. It’s not. In reality, it’s a rock and roll. See ya next week. Thanks for reading.