I know. Today you are anxiously awaiting Part 3 of the Toddler Trepidation Trilogy from twenty years ago. Details to come.

I’ve been watching how the late night news shows use the “teaser” at 9:40 or so to promote the 10:00 news. So, I thought I’d give a little teaser before Part 3 of the series.

Every night at about 9:40, we get the news tease:

“Bad accident on the highway. Details at 10.”
“Shooting on the south side. Details at 10.”
“Bad water imported to the Mexican Restaurant. Details at 10.”

For those of you in safer parts of the country it may go like this:

“Dog lost in the park. Details at 10.”

Whatever it is, the “voice over” always ends, “Details at 10.” (OK for yous people on da coasts the camel knows it’s “Details at 11” cause it’s one more, but you get my drift, eh? Know what I’m talkin’ about here? It’s about the tease not the time. )

Now here’s the thing that will make a camel hump tip over at that presentation. It doesn’t matter what it is they are promoting, the full details are withheld until the top of the hour so that you, being sufficiently enticed, will watch the newscast at 10 or 11 instead of a rerun of Friends. (1)

In fact, never give them what they want when they want it, seems to be the theme on this shameless promotion for the newscast.

Aw, that never happens you may say.

Well, this report was actually heard here recently on the 9:40 tease. (Listen carefully.)

“Bank robber on the loose. He is considered armed and dangerous. Details at 10.”

Really. That’s where they stopped. Right there.

OK. Mrs. Citizen MAY have been safe had she known just WHERE the armed and dangerous suspect was roaming. Possibly, it was in her neighborhood and had the teaser revealed his location, she may taken steps to assure her safety. Instead, she waited until ten for the details. The dangerous armed Robber had no such time constraints. Mrs. C is now held captive by the Robber.

OK, that part never really happened. But the possibility remains that it could. Food for thought.

We’ll be back with the weather after this.

Imagine if you will, one of the most brutal winters in the history of Chicago. Couple that with some personal difficulties the camel faced over the same course of time. Follow that with all around dismal days that followed even into the spring. Constant chill, grey skies, rain and mist and flowers covered with snow and for the lack of a better term, all around YUCK.

Then, this very morning, while walking out the front door you notice nary a cloud in the sky. The sun is shining brightly. Birds are chirping. In fact, you realize, the sky still IS blue. What a wonderful way to welcome this work day.

You get in the car, start the engine and at the exact same time as the motor starts running, the radio randomly cranks out the 1972 Johnny Nash song that begins at the same time your motor does to give you two minutes and forty five seconds of solid gold number one good vibes on the ride to work. I will share the joy with you:

Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for
It’s gonna be a bright (Bright), bright (bright)
Sun-shiny day

And, by golly look at that, we are out of time.

The Toddler Trepidation trilogy finale will be featured next week on Wedwand. Details at 10.

FOOTNOTE: (1) The TV series Friends started 20 years ago in September 1994 and just celebrated its 10 year anniversary of the final episode on May 6, 2014.