Let me start this by saying, I mean no disrespect for the passengers of the Malaysian Flight 370 and applaud the continuing search and rescue efforts for this missing flight. I cannot imagine the trials and tribulations the families are going through.

But, I had this odd thought.

Who was on board this missing flight?

Was there a Professor? Perhaps a movie star too? A millionaire and his wife? A beauty and a plain Jane?

Who was the pilot or skipper if you will? Who was the co-pilot?

Was it Gilligan??

The TV series Gilligan’s Island lasted only 3 years. The CNN coverage of flight 370 seems to last 3 years EVERY day.

As far as I can tell NOBODY even went to search for The Minnow, despite the fact that there was a dreadful storm, rich people and a movie star missing.

But those were the 60’s. A time when we only had 5 channels and apparently, nobody cared that a freaking tour boat had randomly disappeared into the Pacific Ocean with influential people on board and NO explanation on why it was gone.

This, folks is why Amelia Earhart remains missing. Some of those “pings” they hear to this day could be Amelia or Gilligan. You decide.

Thankfully, The Minnow safely crashed on a random island that nobody knew about just 3 hours, a 3 hours cruise from Honolulu we are told. We could navigate a path to the moon, but there were still uncharted islands 3 hours from Oahu back then.

And, NOBODY could find them for THREE years.

We were busy putting space ships in the air and trying to find the moon but we could not even find a tour boat 3 hours from Oahu on an uncharted isle and NOBODY even cared?

I can imagine if the Minnow would have been lost today instead of in the 60’s?

“Ladies and gentlemen, word just in, The Minnow has been lost. The Minnow has been lost. The SS Minnow was on a three hour cruise, a three hour cruise.

The skipper was a little odd, but all focus is on the first mate, a man named Gilligan.

Gilligan was once a former beatnik going under the stage name of Maynard G Krebs. We are trying to locate Dobie Gillis, his best friend, but his phone just says, “You rang?”

Krebs was unstable and we are searching for his computer records. They do not exist. Gilligan apparently owned no computer. In fact, nobody owns a computer. This is 1965. We are lucky to own a TV so you can watch this dribble.

We’ll be back every 15 minutes with updates of nothing new on this story. Again and again. And again and again and again.

As for the rest of the passengers, apparently the movie star known only as “Ginger” had recently been passed over for a part and was despondent. She is not considered a threat.

A professor on board had just developed a formula for something absurd. His concept was to bottle water and sell it. His backer on this project was Thurston Howell III.

However, this theory is being dismissed since NOBODY would ever bottle water and be able to sell it for a profit. Howell’s wife Lovey is too ditsy to be a threat to anything, yet
Lovey loves water from a bottle.

Marianne remains an enigma. We don’t know who she is or why she was on board She is a person of interest. As is Ginger. Ginger or Marianne. Who is your favorite suspect?

We’ll be back. with more and more and more on this story.”