Here at Wedwand we celebrate the changing of the season this Wednesday.  Really, it’s changing tomorrow.  At least the season is, the weather, not so much.   Yes spring, or the Vernal Equinox as nobody chooses to call it, officially arrives at 11:57 CST on Thursday, March 20.  Set your clocks!

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter, coldest winter in almost 14 years and it’s been as cold as ice, ice ice baby.  (The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Foreigner & Vanilla Ice all contributed to that sentence in case you were wondering on Wedwand.)   

The Disney film, “Frozen” won two Academy Awards at the 2014 Oscar ceremony: Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song.  Coincidence?  The camel thinks not.

But, tomorrow is officially Spring!  The Vernal Equinox.  Wedwand offers an Ode to the exit of the brutal winter of 2014:

Twas the night before Vern’s day and all through the land.

not a robin was chirping, snow still making a stand.

The grass was all brown in the yards round the town

and we wondered if warm days would ever come round.

The children on spring break wondering what can we do

when the weather keeps falling below thirty two.

Then out on the front street there arose such a clatter,

it was only another car’s rim in a pothole that shattered.

Sha do bee.

OK, enough of that. I think you get my drift.  If not, there’s likely a snow drift of sludge that remains if your neighborhood was hit hard this winter.

Let’s review the terms for the changing of the four seasons. 

The Summer solstice marks the beginning of summer.

The Autumnal equinox indicates the beginning of autumn.

The Winter solstice signals the beginning of winter.

So far, this is easy.

Then there’s the Vernal equinox.  Following the same logic, one would think we are entering the season of Vern.  But no.  The season is commonly called “spring.”   Poor Vern. You have an equinox, yet your season is not named for you.

But why do we call the season, spring?  Fall, as a substitute for autumn, I can understand.  Leaves fall in fall.

The summer and winter solstices signal the beginning of their respective appropriately named seasons.

The logic of “Spring” for the Vernal Equinox eludes me.  O sure we accept it because we have called it that for so long. 

Think about it.

Bees buzz, birds chirp, trees bud, flowers bloom, grass grows, plants sprout, but nothing really “springs.”

Perhaps a pogo stick springs, but I can think of nothing else offhand. 

(On an unrelated note, research revealed there is actually am “extreme pogo” website in case you were interested in this sort of spring.)

Final thought: 

As we capture courage along this journey called life, let us not shy away from shameless pleasures we enjoyed along the way.  (And don’t tell me your toes aren’t tapping to this 24 year old corny classic the camel is about to share.)


To my mother.