March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.   So goes the saying.

We have heard that before, but in 2014, this saying seems particularly true as March roared in across much of the nation this last weekend, closing the nation’s Capital and getting Oscar gowns wet.  Horrors.

 Yes, it even rained in California, despite Albert Hammonds One Hit Wonder song claiming it never does.  I had to share this delightfully smiling 70’s version of the song, and yes, take it from me, sometimes it pours:

 So incoming, March has roared.  We are hoping deeply for the lamb at the end of the month because the roar of winter has actually resounded ALL winter long.   If you are wondering what a musical roar sounds like, check out Katy Perry:

 But where did this famous phrase of folk lore come from you may ask.

 Diligent topical research reveals, there is no clear source of the phrase.  Surprised or shocked are you? 

 However there was an article on Newsnet5 out of Cleveland that had a couple interesting hypotheses on the origin of this phrase.  Yes, Cleveland. 

 One is that the folk lore of early US Settlers used the lion / lamb comparison to describe the contrast between the beginning and the end of the month of March. 

 The second is more intriguing and of more ancient origins if you believe in the Zodiac.  We shall call it the Cleveland theory. 

March begins as the constellation, Leo (or the Lion if you prefer) crosses the Meridian and breaks on through to the other side (props to Jim Morrison).  By the end of March, Aries, the Ram beings to rise.  The Ram of course, is a grown male sheep who started as .. wait for it… a lamb.  Get it?  The whole lion to lamb thing?   

 Not a darned thing about the Age of  Aquarius, but here’s the article if you care to read.

 Lions and  lambs.  Roars and reticence. 

 This is March.  A month of paradox.

 Snow and sunshine.  Grey and blue,  Brown and green.  Speaking of green,  St. Patrick’s Day happens in March, where everyone claims to be Irish for an excuse to celebrate. 

 Soon there will be basketball madness.  People will enter office pools for a sport no one in general cares about except during this month.    

Spring begins.  Winter Ends.  Baseball begins.  “The one constant through all the years has been baseball.”          

 So here we are. Waiting waiting for this brutal winter to end.  And then what?  We wait for the next season to begin.       

 After the brutal winter we have had, we wait for the end, for silence of the lambs if you will. In like a lion out like a lamb or so we hope.