Do you ever wonder what’s in dog treats and why the heck a dog loves them soooooo much???

I mean, I like my chocolate and ice cream and pies and stuff, but I am fairly certain I don’t jump uncontrollably over a batch of chocolate chip cookies when they come out of the oven.  (OK, there was this one time when it involved dark chocolate chips and walnuts, but still …I am pretty sure I wasn’t drooling …OK I may have drooled just a tad, possibly wagged my tail, but I still maintained a certain level of decorum.)

But, if you have a dog for a pet, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  They even know where you keep the treats and if you are remotely near the spot, they start to get excited.  “Relax,”  you tell her, “I’m just making coffee.”

And, your dog also understands the word, “Treat.”  You have to spell it out sometimes lest she go doggie ballistic at the very sounds of the word.

“Honey, did you give Sadie a T-R-E-A-T yet today?”

If you say TREAT, she’s all over you like a fly on doggie doo-doo, so you have to spell it.  If you have a dog, you  know what I mean and well, you get the point.

If you say “treat” to a cat, they will just quietly slink away and silently stalk your every move until you leave the room, then they pounce on the treat.  I presumed this to be true, but having never owned a cat, I deferred to my sister.

My sister has cats.  She says this is not always the case.  They too will stalk her if she goes anywhere near the catnip and hound her relentlessly.  (If a cat can hound, can a hound cat?   Sometimes these things bother me at night.)

But, I’m mixing apples and oranges here, or should I say catnip and biscuits?   Back to the dog treats.

So, still curious, I went to the source of all answers,  Here’s what they told me when I asked,  “Why do dogs like dog treats so much?”


They taste good to dogs.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world wide web.  THIS is what Al Gore envisioned.

To be entirely forthright however, they did go on to say:

“Most dogs are gluttons and will chomp down anything edible and lots of things that are not. Dogs adapt readily to running in packs. Pack animals have the animal equivalent of “boarding house reach” meaning “get your share while the getting’s good’.”

Yet, my dog will turn up her nose at a perfectly good bowl of food sometimes and leave it without touching a bite.  Give her a treat and it’s gone. Why do they like them so much?

They could have just said, in the words of The Eagles (are there eagle treats too?) and a song brilliantly sung by Timothy B Schmitt, “I Can’t Tell You Why.”

If you know the reason, please share.  In the meantime, “knick knack paddywhack, give the dog a bone,” cause this old man came rolling home.

Hey, where’s the cookies?