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Time, for the most part is in the digital age and has been for some time.  Many watches are digital. Alarm clocks are digital.  Car clocks are digital.

Do they even think they teach the “big hand / little hand” method of telling time anymore in schools?   They hardly teach the cursive  style of writing anymore, so why would they teach the big hand /  little hand thing?   O sure, Big Ben in London still has big hands and little hands.  The Big Ball in Time Square, New York is topped with a clock with big hands and little hands.  So, maybe they do teach it and I don’t know.

But however they teach it, why is it called, “telling time?”   In general, one doesn’t “tell” time anything and in fact, time usually is the one telling you things:

“You’re late.”

“Movie is starting.”

“Work day is done.”

“Favorite TV show is on.”

“Time to turn the oven off.”

“You can’t play ball with the young kids anymore.” (Or maybe that is your knees talking.)

“Time to make the donuts.”

Do you ever read the digital display on your clock and a song comes instantly to mind?

If not, I have.  When I do, I’m not telling time, I’m singing time.

It started out in the middle of the night one time at 4:09 AM when I had to giddy up giddy up to the bathroom.  Then it happened another time.  Then I started making it happen and coming up with songs for the time displayed on my digital clocks.

Here’s my top 11 digital display songs in no particular order.  (Sure, I coulda done 10, but 11 is one more.)

Let’s have some fun and make this a quiz, because nothing says ‘good time’ like a pop quiz or a pop music quiz if you will.  Wedwand will give you the time and the lyric.  You name the artist and the song.

1 —4:09 – Giddy up giddy up 409, my FOUR OH NINE.

2 — 9:25 – What a way to make a livin’ Barely gettin’ by, it’s all takin’ and no givin’

3 — 1:00 – One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.

4 — 3:35 or 3:34  – Bass beat …Do do do do do.  Do do do do do. Do do do do do . Do do do do do do do do. Repeat it, then, Trumpets hit it.

5 — 5:15 – Out of my brain on the 5:15. Out of my brain on the train.

6 —  4:00 – Wake up little Susie, The movie’s over, its four o’clock. And we’re in trouble deep.

7 —- 2:45 – So Set em up Joe.  Make it one for my baby and one more for the road.

8 — 2:22 – I said, Hey honey,  take a walk on the wild side.   And the colored girls say: two two two  do doo do do doo…

9 —  9:00 – I’ll be there nine tonight, nine tonight, nine tonight

10 — 4:00 – It’s four o’clock in the morning.  Damn it, listen to me good.

11 — 2:45 – Don’t you know I danced I danced till a quarter to three with the help, last night, of Daddy G…

I know you’re going to look ahead.  Doesn’t everybody look ahead on these quizzes?    So to fill the gap, and add a tad of suspense, let’s talk about the song 25 or 6 to 4, one of the most bizarrely named Top 40 songs of all time.

I’m not particularly proud of it, but it is one of three songs I can almost play on the guitar.

O)K, I’m damned proud of it and anytime I see someone come into my house with a guitar, I plead, “Here here let me play you this song, please let me play you this one song I know.  It’s actually one of three songs I know on guitar but I can’t remember the other two.  Really give me a shot at it.”

Then I crudely hit the opening bass riff from 25 or 6 to 4.

A very close friend of my daughter and the family brought his guitar over one night and yes, he allowed me to play my riff.  (Who could resist?) Then he said, “You know a Green Day song?!”

Uh.  Trying to sound hip, and keenly impressed that he actually recognized my riff, albeit not for what it was,  I answered, “Yes, yes I do.”

You give them a listen and let me know your thoughts.   (You only have to listen to the first 20-30 seconds or so.  Or, you can play them backwards and wonder what really happened to Paul McCartney in that car accident back in the 60’s.)

Chicago “25 or 6 to 4”:

Green Day “Brain Stew”:

So, on to the answers:

1.  The Beach Boys – 409

2.  Dolly Parton – 9 to 5

3.  Three Dog Night – One

4.  Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4

5.  The Who -5:15

6.  The Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Susie

7.  Frank Sinatra – One for My Baby

8.  Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

9.  Bob Seger – Nine Tonight

10. Elton John – Someone Saved My Life Tonight

11.  Gary US Bonds – Quarter To Three

Anyhoo, I’d like to end with some mystical reference to a song that coincides with the time at the end of this draft,  but suffice it to say, I’m waiting for the break of day to post this after searching for something to say.  It’s 10:44 and I’ve got no more. But if you got one and care to share please do.


Do you ever wonder what’s in dog treats and why the heck a dog loves them soooooo much???

I mean, I like my chocolate and ice cream and pies and stuff, but I am fairly certain I don’t jump uncontrollably over a batch of chocolate chip cookies when they come out of the oven.  (OK, there was this one time when it involved dark chocolate chips and walnuts, but still …I am pretty sure I wasn’t drooling …OK I may have drooled just a tad, possibly wagged my tail, but I still maintained a certain level of decorum.)

But, if you have a dog for a pet, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  They even know where you keep the treats and if you are remotely near the spot, they start to get excited.  “Relax,”  you tell her, “I’m just making coffee.”

And, your dog also understands the word, “Treat.”  You have to spell it out sometimes lest she go doggie ballistic at the very sounds of the word.

“Honey, did you give Sadie a T-R-E-A-T yet today?”

If you say TREAT, she’s all over you like a fly on doggie doo-doo, so you have to spell it.  If you have a dog, you  know what I mean and well, you get the point.

If you say “treat” to a cat, they will just quietly slink away and silently stalk your every move until you leave the room, then they pounce on the treat.  I presumed this to be true, but having never owned a cat, I deferred to my sister.

My sister has cats.  She says this is not always the case.  They too will stalk her if she goes anywhere near the catnip and hound her relentlessly.  (If a cat can hound, can a hound cat?   Sometimes these things bother me at night.)

But, I’m mixing apples and oranges here, or should I say catnip and biscuits?   Back to the dog treats.

So, still curious, I went to the source of all answers,  Here’s what they told me when I asked,  “Why do dogs like dog treats so much?”


They taste good to dogs.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world wide web.  THIS is what Al Gore envisioned.

To be entirely forthright however, they did go on to say:

“Most dogs are gluttons and will chomp down anything edible and lots of things that are not. Dogs adapt readily to running in packs. Pack animals have the animal equivalent of “boarding house reach” meaning “get your share while the getting’s good’.”

Yet, my dog will turn up her nose at a perfectly good bowl of food sometimes and leave it without touching a bite.  Give her a treat and it’s gone. Why do they like them so much?

They could have just said, in the words of The Eagles (are there eagle treats too?) and a song brilliantly sung by Timothy B Schmitt, “I Can’t Tell You Why.”

If you know the reason, please share.  In the meantime, “knick knack paddywhack, give the dog a bone,” cause this old man came rolling home.

Hey, where’s the cookies?

GE DIGITAL CAMERASo in most parts of the country, it’s been a brutal winter.  (Not talking about you, Los Angeles where it reached 80 degrees today.  But despite warm temperatures,  the City of Angels encounters serious drought conditions this winter.)

Even Atlanta, Georgia is shut down on Wednesday.  But we are a hearty bunch.  We shovel the snow, chip at the ice, bundle up, hunker down, weather the storm and wait for spring.  So instead of dwelling on the dismal, Wedwand will focus on the fun, and what is more fun than music.

Rod Stewart sang, “Coldest winter in almost 14 years could never, never change your mind” in his classic song, Mandolin Wind.  This winter especially, the song conjures an image.

I own neither a mandolin nor a banjo and surely can’t play either one with any degree of proficiency, but both have a happy vibe.  “The banjo is such a happy instrument–you can’t play a sad song on the banjo – it always comes out so cheerful.”    — Steve Martin

So, here’s hoping just the mention of these songs makes you happy in the doldrums of the winter of ’14.

Leading off, is “Don’t worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. (Yeah, I thought it was Bob Marley too, but then I realized EVERY Reggae song is NOT by Bob Marley.)  How bout these lyrics (or do you call them words).

Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don’t worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy……

C’mon, I caught your toes tapping and head bobbing and just the slightest of smiles showing if you watched that one.

Now the camel could continue down that “song with happy” in the title path but not today.  However, here’s a quick list of such “happy” songs if it will make you smile and forget about the cold:

Happy —  Rolling Stones

Happy Jack — The Who

Happy Together — The Turtles

If It Makes You Happy  — Sheryl Crow

Shiny Happy People — REM

You’ve Made Me So Very Happy — Blood Sweat and Tears

Oh How Happy (you have made me) — Shades of Blue

Happy Birthday  — Many Artists

And the Wedwand Top 3 songs with “Happy” in the title:

I’m Happy Just to Dance With You — The Beatles

O Happy Day — Edwin Hawkins Singers

If You Wanna Be Happy (for the rest of your life) —  Jimmy Soul

But, it’s been a darn brutal winter.  Let’s just think of some songs that make us happy, whether or not “happy” is in the title.

I did a straw poll while writing this.  O sure, not as solid as a brick poll as any of the three little pigs can tell you, cause this winter’s been huffing and puffing.  The question was this.  “Tell me a random song that makes you happy.”    Here’s some of the song suggestions:

Brave — Sara Bareillis

Holla — Baja Men

I’m A Man — Chicago

Red Rubber Ball –  The Cyrkle

I Want You Back – Jackson 5

Cruise — Florida Georgia Line

And, the Wedwand personal favorite:

This Must be The Place (Naïve melody) — Talking Heads  (Covered by the Lumineers recently as well for you young uns out there.)   Had to share this delightfully bizarre live version from last year by former Heads front man, David Byrne and St. Vincent.

Feet on the ground.  Head in the sky. It’s OK. I know nothing’s wrong.

Or how bout this one to wrap it up by Blue Swede?

Yes indeed, that’s the live version of grown Swedish men in a brass section singing, “Ooga Ooga Ooga Chakka, Ooga Ooga Ooga Chakka.”

So whether is Ooga Chaka, Boom Sha-ka-laka, or Shama Lam DingDong,  sooner or later this winter will pass.  So keep on smiling and singing.

And if you get a chance, PLEASE share your favorite “happy” song.