What would we do without the weather Wedwand wonders this week?

Weather. “A lot of people talk about the weather, nobody does anything about it.”   The quote or some form thereof is often attributed to Mark Twain or Charles Dudley Warner.

I first heard the saying as an introduction to a song on an obscure 1970 album called, “The Association Live”.  Ironically, this band also had a number one hit with the song, “Windy” and I cherish my recollection of their vault of harmonious hits.

Not only do we endure it or enjoy it, weather is a prime conversation starter in the convenience store, the elevator, or at awkward family gatherings.

Hot enough for you?

A bit nippy out there, isn’t it?

Beautiful day.

Nice weather, if you’re a duck.

Sun-kissed skin so hot, will melt your popsicle … (OK, that’s not usually a conversation starter)

Wedwand found an excellent site with some more philosophical weather quotes, some of which you may enjoy.   (My early favorite is, ““A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” — Carl Reiner)

Where ever you are in this great country, you encounter the adversity of weather from time to time.

Freezing temperatures, snow storms and blizzards in the Midwest and Northern States.

Hurricane threats in the southern and coastal regions.

Earthquakes, wild fires, sand storms and sweltering heat to the West and Southwest areas.

Perpetual precipitation in the Pacific Northwest.

Tornadoes across the Great Plains.

Flood potential just about everywhere.

The occasional daily drizzle in Hawaii on an 80 degree day.  Check that. No adversity there as a rule.  Watch out for erupting volcanoes though.

Yet we embrace the inclemant or is it inclimate weather.

We name our hurricanes.  Katrina, Diane, Sandy to mention a few.  (The first one in 2014 will be Arthur and I wonder if we will sing, “Hey! What a wonderful kind of day” if and when that happens.)

We name our storm systems.  Dust Devils, Nor’easters, Saskatchewan Screamers. Sometimes there’s a “perfect storm” whatever that entails, but they make movies about it.

This winter has been a weird one in my hometown of Chicago.  Snowfall so far is already over that for an average winter. But it’s not the worst winter for snow so far.

Temperature fluctuations of fifty degrees in a 48 hour period.  But only one record cold day so far.

There’s an old saying about Chicago weather that likely applies to other parts of the country.  “If you don’t like the weather.  Stay there.”   Inferring change will come.

To quote a number from a famous musical, the sun will come up tomorrow, or the next day.   And to quote a couple rock lyrics, ride the storm out, suck it up and tough it out.     Or, just hunker down, whatever that means.


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