So here we are, 2014, a new year.  The start of a new thing.  Resolutions to be made and resolutions to be broken.  Perhaps you have broken yours already.  If not, the camel applauds you.

Not trying to wax philosophically on you, but isn’t everything involving time all just really a continuum?

Things don’t’ get different just because it’s a new year, or a new day, or a new whatever, do they?

O sure, when the new year rings in, laws change, calendars change, clocks change. (Never mind, check that. Clocks change in November and March these days. And, well clocks are clocks, they don’t change, the time changes.  But does it?   Or do we just “spring forward or “fall back”?)

Sooooooo, back to the thought at hand. It’s a new year.

Why do we opt to have these segmented celebrations of events?

For example, why do we celebrate anniversaries in increments of 5?  We celebrate 5 and 10 and 25 and 50 year anniversaries of things?  Why not celebrate 3 and 7 year anniversaries with such splendor?  Are they anymore less significant?  Likely not, but nobody has a big party for their 23rd birthday or anniversary..

Any anniversary of anything that is significant enough to be celebrated deserves to be celebrated, regardless of what year, day, or time you choose to celebrate a landmark. Heck, just celebrate it.

(Wondering now what the Guinness record is for most times “celebrate” or a derivative thereof is used in a blog?  Am I close?  Celebrate, just in case I am one off.)

In any event, “dance to the music” in whatever you do.  You don’t need a land mark date to make it worthy of celebration.

PS:   If you’re looking for something to celebrate today, it would have been Elvis Presley’s 79th birthday.  Here’s one of my favorites.  Yeah, it’s not much of a celebratory song, but there have been a few “cold and grey Chicago morns” this week, so it seemed appropriate.