Not sure why, but people love lists.

At least those who produce the lists must think so because those darned lists are everywhere.  Especially at the end of the year.  (Why doesn’t anybody post a list in August?  I have yet to see a “Best Of Anything” list in August.  Best sweltering heat day was August 7 when all my tomatoes wilted.  Look for it, but you won’t find it.)

But wait, whoa, at the end of the year, there they are, all over the place.  Lists abound around New Years time.  It’s like we have to justify our year of existence by making lists of what happened.

Best this, worst that.  Top Ten, Top Five, Top Three, Four Tops, “Baby, I need you’re loving, GOT to have all your loving…” whoops, I digressed.

A staple of the Late Night Show with David Letterman has been the Top Ten list. According to Wikipedia, the very first list was on September 18, 1985 and it was:  “The Top Ten Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas.”   Here it is, in case you weren’t there:

So what else can a Wedwand Camel do on this hump day of all hump days as we bring in the New Year?  We are over the 2013 hump ON a Wednesday and wander on to the next hump, 2014.   So here goes.

The Top Ten reasons why people like lists:

10. How else are you gonna find out who’s naughty or nice?.

9.  You need something to tell you what groceries to buy?

8.  Because it really does matter who the best dressed person of the year was.

7. Just want to know the names of all those “artsy-fartsy” movies that the critics love so much so that you don’t have to waste your time and dime going to see them.

6. What man doesn’t crave a “honey do” list?

5.  Presume the information is educational and from a reliable data research project as opposed to one goofy guy who posts a blog every Wednesday.

4.  Like random flashbacks to a time of innocence, listening to a transistor radio under your pillow after bedtime waiting to hear the list of the Top 3 most requested songs.

3.  Just love the Hungarian Rhapsody.  (Wait for it… Franz Liszt, is a renown German Composer.  Get it?)

2.  Got nothing better to read in the doctor’s office.

AND, the Number One reason why people like lists is:

1. You’re reading this aren’t you?

Speaking of which, gosh gang, thanks for reading this.  Have a great 2014.