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As quick as you can say “Jack-O-Lantern” the Halloween decorations are down in the stores, soon to be replaced new ones for the next season.

Hopefully, the retailers aren’t springing out their Christmas stuff just yet, but after a trip to the store today, there’s a little green and red twinkle in the aisles already. The card section of the local drug store does indeed have half an aisle devoted to such cards. I even saw a tree displayed in a local store.

I have ONE question? Why, why so soon?

As of this post, there are 49 days (7 full weeks if I did the math right) left until that December Holiday. Why do retailers jump the gun every year? Many, if not most are actually opening their stores ON Thanksgiving Day this year. To step on Thanksgiving, the celebration of what should be a Great American Holiday, seems a travesty. (And yes, other countries set aside a day for thanks as well.)

Perhaps, it is because there is nothing to profit from on Thanksgiving. How many Pilgrim statues can be sold? How many turkey shirts will America buy? But please. I have seen glimpses of that December holiday as early as September.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday set aside to be thankful for all we have. It is my favorite holiday, because it involves thanks and family camaraderie. (Although, I must admit, it didn’t work out so good for Squanto who died in 1622 at the tender age of 37, ironically on November 30, just one year after befriending the Pilgrims.)

But, alas, there is hope. I have seen something floating around lately. It’s called “November A Month Of Thanks.” I could not find the precise origin of it, which makes it even cooler to me. The basic concept it to list 3 things you are thankful for each day of November. (That will keep your mind off of prematurely breaking out the green and red.)

You can share them. You can keep them to yourself. You don’t even have to start each one off with, “I am thankful for …” That part is understood. You can just say them or write them or think them.

I’ll start you out:

1. For everyone who takes the time to read Wedwand. I appreciate it.

2. To my mom for making me take a summer school typewriting class when I was 13 years old. Who knew it would ultimately be termed “keyboarding” and be a vital skill in the computer age?

3. For everyone who calls the holiday, Thanksgiving and NOT Turkey Day. Same amount of syllables. Please people. We do not honor the turkey, we kill the turkey (although none so gloriously as in a 1978 episode of the TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati”) (1).

So take the challenge if you will. Think of three things a day to be thankful for. It should be simple.

(1) In case you never saw the WKRP episode, here’s a breakdown in 30 seconds: