So here we are on hUMp Day, likely one of the biggest party humps days of the year.  Thanksgiving Eve. No other Wednesday evening is celebrated with more flair on a consistent basis than this Wednesday.  Yes, if the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday or even a Thursday there are big firecracker celebrations, but that doesn’t happen every year.

Many bars are packed the eve of Thanksgiving filled with revelers who have come back  home or have traveled to someone else’s home or who are still at their own homes but went out anyhow.  Family and friends can be found together in festive celebrations this Wednesday eve.  Most everyone is smiling, sharing stories, and celebrating being together.  By the wee hours of Thanksgiving day, some will be found wandering,  much like this blog.


I have a few frustrations with Thanksgiving, none of which diminish it from being my favorite holiday of the year.  Here are three:

1)  Christmas decorations being displayed BEFORE Thanksgiving.

2)  Christmas songs on the radio BEFORE Thanksgiving.

3)  Calling it Turkey Day.

Let’s expound on number three.

Yes, most every Thanksgiving, we have Turkey.  On the same hand (or in the same mouth), most every 4th of July we have a hot dog or hamburger.  And, on most every Easter, we have a slice of ham.  Yet, when the fireworks are going off, we do not say, “Happy Hot Dog Day.”   And when the organ plays at church we do not say, “Happy Ham Day.”

So why, on this one day of the year set aside simply for thanks, do some choose to call it turkey day?  Surely the turkeys don’t celebrate it.  Surely the Native American tribe, Wampanoag, who supposedly shared in that 1621 event don’t celebrate it. Their heritage was nearly obliterated from the records after befriending the Pilgrims.

It can’t even be justified as being simplified as an abbreviation.  Tur-key-day.   Three syllables.  Thanks-giv-ing. Three syllables.    OK, I can see why we don’t call it green bean casserole day.  That’s six syllables  Even sweet potato day is five.

The holiday is simple.  One day out of 365 set aside for giving thanks.  ONE DAY.  Let’s celebrate it for THAT. Thanks.  Thanks for what you have.  Thanks for what you don’t have.  Thanks for being alive.  Thanks for friends and family.   Thanks.

Every Thanksgiving I play this song.  I don’t know why I chose this song, but I’d like to share it with you since there are no Thanksgiving Carols.  Maybe you don’t read all the links the camel gives you, but this one is worth the watch:

It hasn’t been the greatest of years for me, but it’s been OK.  As the Five Man Electrical Band said in 1971, “Thank you Lord for thinking of me, I’m alive and doing fine.”  Woo!

Happy Thanksgiving.