Big-to-do over November 12 this year.  Why?   Because numerically, the date was 11.12.13.  A sequential date such as this will only happen one more time this century (12.13.14) , then not again for 90 years after that.

From a nation that is not renown for exceptional Math scores, a large number of Americans found the numerology of the date to be mystical enough to plan a rare Tuesday wedding.  (Unless of course you live in part of the world where numerical dates start with the year then none of this matters.  13/11/12  was not a big wedding day in those countries.  Lithuanian clergy still had the day off.)   As John Mellencamp says, “Aw but ain’t that America for you and me …”

The local news here also ran a 5:00 news story yesterday about a baby born this morning at 9:10 11//12/13.   (After that was aired, I am sure many obstetricians on the evening shift were telling expectant mothers to stop pushing for ten minutes and give the big push when the little hand is on the 9 and the big hand is on the 2.)

I thought to myself,  “That’s kind of cool.  A once in a lifetime date.”  (Base beat, drums, Talking Heads hit it … “Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down.  Letting the days go by water flowing underground ….”

Then Late Night Host, Jimmy Fallon put it all in perspective.  The quote from his  monologue last night was, “A lot of couples are planning on getting married today because the date is 11/12/13.  Couples say they like 11/12/13 because it is a unique date that will never happen again (this century).  In a related story, that’s literally how every date works.”

Proving once again this mystically numerical sequence may indeed be Much Ado Over Nothing (props to Billy Shakespeare, born 4/16/64, which by the way has happened four times since 1564.)


After thoroughly scouring the web for 10 minutes (or was it 11, 12 or 13 minutes I don’t recall) I could not find the origin of the phrase “Big-to-do.”   However, I did learn that “The Big-To-Do” was the tenth studio album released by the country band Drive by Truckers.

This week’s cover photo is titled, “November, Where The Leaves Go To Die.”

Who remembered 3 things to be thankful for today?