It’s been fast. It’s been quick. It passes some of us by like a speeding car on the Interstate. Others jump on board and take it for a ride. It’s called progress.

In the movie “Hoosiers” set in 1951 Indiana, Ollie (he the hero of the underhanded free throw) gives examples of what progress is — “electricity, school consolidation, church remodeling, hay balers, corn pickers, grain combines, and indoor plumbing” — among others.  Oddly, school consolidation ultimately means the end of the fictional small town Hickory High. There will be no sequel.

(I am including the Opening sequence to this film because it screams Midwest Fall (or do you say Autumn) during a simpler time.

We’ve come a long way from that two lane road to Hickory until now. We have traveled all the way from The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 that launched the Interstate Highway system to the Information Super Highway of the 1990’s and beyond.

Remember when Al Gore first invented the Internet (sorry, it was on the tee, I had to take a swing), we all used to say the entire internet name when referring to a specific site? We’d used to say the “www”, we used to say the “dot” and we used to say the “com.”

(E.g. (1) When verifying the above comment, we would have said, we visited, “www dot Snopes dot com” to confirm the Al Gore thing. Now we just say, “Checked it out on Snopes.”) (2)

By the way, I DID check Snopes and according to that site, the whole “Al Gore claimed he invented the internet thing” is False:

They even cite a quote from Al that says “I took the initiative to create the internet” as proof that he never claimed to have invented the internet. What could be clearer? 

In general though, progress often involves making things faster, more efficient, and less time consuming. For big business, this gives them the chance to eliminate jobs. For us common folk, it gives us time for more meaningful activities like Candy Crush when our jobs have been eliminated.

Regarding communication, we have evolved from actually visiting people, to talking with them on the phone, to texting them, to generically refer to them in the social media. Progress.

We even gone so far as to abbreviate phrases in texts just to save key strokes in our instant messages. (Sad is the fact that we text and instant message because it just takes too much time to really talk to people.)

Some say “bigger is better” but all too often these days “shorter means better.” BRB, JK, PPL, LOL, BFF. In case you are saying you yourself, “IDK what that means” here’s a helpful source.

Your thoughts on progress? TTFN.


(1) “E.g.” is an old-fashioned abbreviation that has been around for a while. It means “for example” and comes from the Latin expression exempli gratia, “for the sake of an example.” (Keeping Roman tradition alive baby.)

(2) In case you didn’t know, Snopes is an internet site dedicated to squelching internet rumors.