Sharing a scattering of thoughts this week on College Football since I spent my last two Saturdays back in college again.

No, not to get a classroom education, rather to watch the pageantry, the drama, the spectacle and pure fun of College Football. (Unless of course your home team blows an 18 point lead and loses by 20. I saw that happen too. Not so much fun for many in Lincoln, Nebraska last Saturday.)

Here’s a random thought on the College Football conference structure today:

The Big 12 Conference has 10 teams
The Big Ten Conference has 12 teams

These are hallowed institutions of higher education, yet their conference names do not match the number of teams in the conference. To rectify this matter, The Big Ten will add (yes I said ADD) two more teams next year, so the Big Ten will soon have 14 teams. No wonder America students continue to lag behind the rest of the world in math test scores when college administrators can match the conference name with the number of teams.

For those of you not familiar with College Football, a game consists of four 15 minute quarters or sixty minutes of football. The average college game last three and a half hours. That leaves some down time. 210 minutes of real game time minus 60 minutes of actual game time equals, uh, carry the one, yeah 150 minutes of unaccounted time. (Do the math America).

I know what you’re thinking. What happens in those 150 minutes? If you are at home, watching it on TV, commercials, lots of commercials. There’s big money that needs to be made from this amateur sport.

If you are lucky enough to be at the game, the downtime is filled with lots of music. The live college marching bands provide some of it. Loud pumped up riffs of rock, rap. metal or soul blaring over incredible speakers provide the rest.

At last Saturday’s game, I could not help but notice the UCLA kickoff team jamming while waiting for the time out song to finish, then scatter to their spots for the kickoff. The funkiest kickoff team I’ve ever seen, the Bruins did the shing-a-ling and booga-loo to time-out oldies songs. (See cover photo.)

Nice set up for the segue to the song portion of this week’s Wedwand. So here are my favorite songs that get played a whole lot at college football games, complete with my easy description of the song (in case you don’t recognize the title and a youtube link to a real performance.)

7 points for a touchdown and extra point, so here’s my top 7.

7. Enter Sandman – Metallica. A long rhythmic metal intro is conducive to the time out break. Rarely does the song make it to the lyrics. “Lost in never never land.” Virginia Tech claims it is the best intro in college football. You decide.

6. Hey Baby – Bruce Channel (pronounced “shu-NELL”). This number one song from 1962 reaches Number 6 just because I love the contrast of a fun happy song being played during a violent, physical game. The marching band plays the tune with the trombones and tubas keeping the beat, while thousands of people sing, “Hey, hey yea baby. I wanna know whoa whoa, if you’ll be my girl.”


5. Hells Bells – AC/DC. The tolling of the bell in the intro followed by the metallic guitar is often played on 3rd down at many games. At the Horseshoe in Columbus Ohio, Ohio State uses it as their entry song,

(Ohio State)

4. Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation. A German band with a catchy sing-along for kick offs, sacks and big plays. The words are easy. “Whoah oh oh oh oh, oh — Whoah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh — Whoah oh, ah oh (X10)”

(Penn State)

3. Jump Around – House of Pain. The lyrics scream to a packed house for football, “Pack it up. Pack it in. Let me begin I came to win …Jump up. Jump up and get down…Jump around” Nobody does it like the crowd in Madison, Wisconsin does.


2. Rock & Roll Part 2 – Gary Glitter. Who would think a 1972 song by a guy named Gary Glitter would be played at least once at virtually every college football game? Personally, I never heard Rock and Roll Part 1, but I guess there is one. The words are easy according to most lyric sites it’s: “Ba na na na… Hey! Ba na na. Ba na na na… Hey! Ba na na. Ba na na na… Hey! Ba na na. Chakachaka chakachaka chaka” The Terrapins from Maryland add some custom lyrics.

1. Sirius – Alan Parsons Project. You will not find this song on their Greatest Hits Album, but you will hear it played in many college stadiums on game day. Nebraska uses it for there famed pre-game “Tunnel Walk.” There are no words, and I defer to the Chicago Bulls of NBA basketball fame for the most classic sports version.

So Hey, Whoa, what do you know? It was fun to stay but it’s time to go.

If you disagree with my ranking, vote for your favorite. I invite you to share your favorite stadium song.